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25 of Haftar's militias killed in airstrikes near Sirte
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Dalipi: Të frikësuar nga puna e Kurtit, politikanët e korruptuar u bënë bashkë e na rrëzuan
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Competition for supplies sharpening as pandemic worsens
The Americans I know are just
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Generation Amazing to live stream fitness sessions on social media
Coronavirus: Pakistan quarantines Tablighi Jamaat missionaries
Paralajmëron mjeku kosovar: Do të rrimë gjatë në shtëpi, bëhuni gati
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Life after the Earthquake
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UN Chief Renews Call to Warring Parties to Halt Clashes, Focus on Coronavirus Fight
Trump fires watchdog who handled Ukraine complaint
COVID-19 - ONLINE dispute resolution at the AIFC Court and IAC
Në fund të prillit vijnë 50 respiratorë të rinj, për pacientët me koronavirus po përdoren dy ilaçe
Hotspot resorts face coronavirus crisis as rich escape to holiday hideaways
Voice of America: US to stop exporting personal protection equipment
COVID-19 has not stopped wars in Middle East, despite calls for cease-fires
India's COVID-19 death toll climbs to 68, positive cases up to 2,902
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Turkey blocks delivery of medical equipment to coronavirus hard-hit Spain
US citizens may leave via Qatar Airway from Beirut on April 5 - TK Maloy
COVID-19 to impact GCC sukuk issuance in 2020
34 banorë të Kamenicës dalin negativë në testimet për koronavirus
Trump Fires Intelligence Official Who Had Key Impeachment Role
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Coronavirus latest: at a glance
Rising Criticism Against Moscow, Damascus in Suwaida
Xi leads national mourning for lives lost to COVID-19
COVID-19: When the earth decided to hit back
Kuwait Amir congratulates Senegal on nat'l day
Coronavirus: Dubai’s malls turn into “fulfillment centers” as online shopping explode
Indian officials warn of lockdown extensions as COVID-19 cases in South Asia near 6,000
6 coronavirus patients released after full recovery in Almaty

Comrade Trump

Jordan Times 24.02. 22:18

Comrade Trump

NEW YORK — “In just three short years,” US President Donald Trump declared in his recent State of the Union (SOTU) address, “we have shattered the mentality of American decline and we have rejected the downsizing of America’s destiny.” This baseless pronouncement, more propaganda than reality, reca»»»

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