Second Majority-Opposition Meeting on Electoral Reform Held
Opposition Turns to Protests Unless Snap Elections Are Held; Spaho
تسليم وتسلم في وزارة البيئة اللبنانية - قناة العالم الاخبارية
Special Operations: Enforcer Meets Matador
I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 but I support Elizabeth Warren in 2020
Jordan's King rejects Trump's peace plan
My week of speaking – and living – Italian in Italy’s undiscovered heartland
In the rule of law we trust
Davos wrap-up: Forum runs out of steam as climate becomes 'king'
Brussels picks post-Brexit UK ambassador
Mama dog rescued after found dragging crate filled with her pups
80 dead, 50 million under lockdown: China extends holiday to contain virus
Monday briefing: Helicopter crash kills NBA star Kobe Bryant
Will Brexit see European division at the UN Security Council?
Azizi plans to tap global debt market
Célébration du 40ème anniversaire du Fonds de Solidarité Africaine (FSA) : Le Premier ministre Brigi Rafini salue la proposition de faire du FSA une I
Downing of Jet in Iran Reveals Islamic Republic's Wider Woes
Stocks, oil prices skid as China virus fears drive investors to safe havens
Iranians should not let Trump harm national unity — Rouhani
Salvini down, but not out in Italy regional election
Turkey’s Erdogan visits Algeria to discuss Libya, boost trade links
Russian bedroom aircon camera 'spied on activist'
Iranian regime must change its behavior: Al-Jubeir
Montenegro Police Detain Pro-Russian Columnist Over Facebook RowGrants & Opportunities
Prince Charles visits Jerusalem tomb of unique ancestor
The persecuted Rohingya now have legal protection, but will it amount to anything? | Francis Wade
Davos 2020 diary – day #5
IMF warns of the risk of central banks’ ‘cheap money’
Tunisia has unique experience in Open Data in Arab world (WB Country Manager for Tunisia )
We must pressure Iran to avoid bigger conflict: Prince Khalid
Prime Minister: Polish Aviation Group – the owner of LOT – to take over German leisure airline Condor
Thirty six Tunisian children still stuck in Libyan prisons (Statement)
EU calls Iran nuclear talks next month in bid to save deal
Prince Charles calls for ‘freedom, justice, equality’ for Palestinians during Bethlehem visit
Executive power has been informed of dysfunctions mentioned in Transparency International report (INLUCC)
As Turkish UPR deadline looms, NGO condemns Ankara’s ‘human rights abuses’
Turkish regime authorities detain 40 people
Stormy Waters in the Eastern Mediterranean
Kuwait summons Iran envoy over Soleimani killing claim
What did we learn from Davos 2020?
Secretary General of MWL wraps up his historic visit to Auschwitz Concentration and Extermination CampRelated NewsComments.
More airports screening passengers amid China virus outbreak
Atlantic Methanol Production Company to support Equatorial Guinea's Year of Investment initiative
Did the Berlin Conference on Libya reassure or concern Turkey?
Foreign investors upbeat on Greek outlook, gov’t sources say | Kathimerini
Polyarny court rules against prosecutor in Jehovah’s Witnesses case
UN’s Guterres warns of ‘impact’ on Sahel region from Libya war
Algeria hosts neighbours over Libya war, as rivals refuse to meet
US and Europe clash over climate crisis threat on last Davos day
The EU Commission prioritizes green investment
Futures rise on gains in Intel, coronavirus fears linger
U.S. Vice President Pence meets pope, jokes 'You have made me a hero'
Aoun meets Interior Minister, MP Pakradounian, diplomats
Weinstein arrives at court to face Sopranos actress Annabella Sciorra
Vucic: Grenell to discuss rail line as early as Monday
Sale of Renk, MAN Energy Solutions depends on buyer: Volkswagen labor chief
Investments bet. Egypt, UAE may reach $ 15B
Euro tumbles to seven-week lows as PMI data fails to excite FX bulls
Decision to probe war crimes rattles Israel
Why Egypt is amending its terrorism law
German ex-Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel tapped for Deutsche Bank job
Chinese city plans to build coronavirus hospital in six days
Threat of jail shapes Egyptian lives nine years after uprising
Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama Will Open the 2nd Economic Forum in Tirana on January 30, 2020
Albania, One Step Away from Authoritarianism; Basha
EU's Timmermans detects hints of US shift on climate
Eimear McBride: ‘Women are really angry. I feel a deep, burning sense of injustice at the way women are treated’
US envoy 'optimistic' 2020 will bring more American investments | Kathimerini
Readers Views: Readers discuss the CAA protests, the Indian economy and more
Why Iranian cyber warfare may escalate soon
The man who could beat Trump in 2020
Budapest among the top 50 cities with most hours spent in traffic congestion
Zimbabwe urged to prioritise children as record poverty causes food shortages
Srbijagas to intensify gas network expansion by 2022 to curb air pollution
Daily Nation 06.12.2019. 07:16

Rich Chinese women seek sperm donors overseas

Looking at page after page of childhood photos, Xiaogunzhu was drawn to an image of a French-Irish boy with smiling dark blue eyes. But she was not admiring her lover's family album, she was browsing a catalogue of potential sperm donors -- the 39-year-old is one of an increasing number of affluent»»»
South China Morning Post 10.12.2019. 13:03

Why single women in China use foreign sperm to have babies

Looking at page after page of childhood photos, Xiaogunzhu was drawn to an image of a French-Irish boy with smiling dark blue eyes. But she was not admiring her lover’s family album, she was browsing a catalogue of potential sperm donors – the 39-year-old is one of an increasing number of affluent »»»
The Sun 2h

Coronavirus – Passengers ‘REFUSE to share a plane with people from Wuhan after hearing their accents’ in Japan

PASSENGERS from Shanghai REFUSED to share a plane with people from Wahun amid fears of contracting the deadly coronavirus. More than 70 Shanghai passengers said they wouldn't board a flight back to Shanghai from Nagoya in Japan with 16 people from Wahun. Wahun is under quarantine with air and rail »»»
China Daily 14.01. 02:23

Drug reimbursement list brings benefits to patients

China's new drug reimbursement list has demonstrated the country's determination and efforts in enhancing the overall health of the public, along with encouragement for innovation from international pharmaceutical companies, a senior executive of Allergan said. Starting Jan 1, a total of 70 new med»»»

You can read more about this at Osservatorio Italiano