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July 15: An unprecedented incident in world history
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China ready to join Mongolia to deepen construction of community with shared future: Chinese FM
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Philippine military says Abu Sayyaf leader still alive
Vjosa Osmani e lajmëron ne polici deputetin e LDK’së: Më kërcënoi fizikisht, përdori gjuhë banale
Amazon tells employees to delete TikTok – then walks it back
Project to build medical city in Kairouan moves to second phase, says President Kais Saied
Empty offices are killing our town centres, warns Boris Johnson
The United States: Cherry picking human rights issues
The Egyptian army is able to crush the Turkish military presence in Libya
Former UN official: Dam Al-Nahda damages Egypt and Sudan
Crowd Celebrates in Istanbul After Erdogan Orders Hagia Sophia Converted Back Into Mosque
US, France’s positions restore int’l consensus on need to disarm Hezbollah
Tropical Storm Fay makes landfall along Jersey coast, heads for NYC
Russia calls US’s newest stance on nuclear arms agreement 'undiplomatic,' considers not extending
'Hagia Sophia decision ends our nation's longing'
Edhe 205 raste të reja me koronavirus në Kosovë — shërohen 61 pacientë të tjerë
Coronavirus: How bad is the crisis in US care homes?
Cash-strapped New Jersey to borrow up to $9.9 billion under deal
New, positive path for Turkey-EU relations
Turkish opposition finds it hard to generate new politics
Mali anti-gov't rally turns violent as national TV goes off air
U.S. senators advocate for whistleblowers after fired intelligence officer complains
Serbia's Vucic blames opponents for orchestrating violent protests
Trump declares Democrats ‘party of socialism and worse’ during trip to Florida
OIC, GCC chiefs discuss boosting cooperation
Algerian-French Rapprochement Develops At An Accelerated Pace
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UK expected to order removal of Huawei 5G equipment by 2025: Telegraph
Exclusive: TIM excludes Huawei from 5G core equipment tender
Socialist Majority Supports Opening MP Lists, Banning Pre-Electoral Coalitions
Syria: Authorization to continue lifesaving cross-border aid remains in limbo
Mohamed Waheed: Every Egyptian youth has a chance to earn $ 7 an hour – economy

UN appeal for urgent Yemen aid falls US$1 bn short amid virus

Egypt Independent 03.06. 11:22

UN appeal for urgent Yemen aid falls US$1 bn short amid virus

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A United Nations appeal Tuesday for countries to fund emergency aid in Yemen, where more than five years of war have collapsed the country’s health care system, raised US$1.35 billion — a billion dollars short of what aid agencies needed. The amount raised is also»»»
An Nahar 02.06. 19:04

UN urges billions in aid for Yemen as virus ravages cities

DUBAI: The United Nations on Tuesday called on countries to raise at least $2.4 billion for Yemen, where more than five years of war have pushed the country’s health care system to a state of collapse with little capacity to test or treat those infected by the coronavirus. Saudi Arabia, which co-ho»»»
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