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Gibraltar denies Iranian tanker due for release

Khaleej Times 14.08. 04:45

Gibraltar denies Iranian tanker due for release

Britain accused the vessel of violating European sanctions by taking oil to Syria. The British territory of Gibraltar will not yet release an Iranian oil tanker seized by Royal Marines in the Mediterranean despite an Iranian report that it could do so on Tuesday, an official Gibraltar source said. »»»
TAP 10.05. 09:10

Deputy of Venezuelas Guaido arrested and dragged away by tow truck

(TAP) - Venezuelan intelligence agents detained opposition leader Juan Guaido's congressional deputy on Wednesday, using a tow truck to drag his vehicle away with him inside, prompting the U.S. government to warn of "consequences" if he was not released. The SEBIN intelligence agency seized Edgar Z»»»

You can read more about this at Osservatorio Italiano