Mahmoud Abbas announces first Palestinian elections in 15 years
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Bin Laden's former spin doctor
Join the Delta Force? You Have No Chance.
State Grid unit forms JV with CSCEC
Security Council members approve choice of new UN envoy to Libya
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Piers Corbyn leads anti-vax movement that thinks jabs are conspiracy
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After long journey, Fiat Chrysler and PSA to seal merger to become Stellantis
Prosecutors: 'QAnon Shaman' sought to 'violently overthrow' Capitol
Global shares, oil prices falter as US stimulus buzz fades
Trump orders US Central Command to include Israel amid strategic shift
Egypt dodges Trump’s ire as White House orders massive last-minute aid cuts
Smartphone giant Xiaomi reels as US ramps up China blacklist
Turkish judge on Europe’s top human rights court acts as Erdoğan’s Trojan horse
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U.N. Security Council approves new U.N. Libya mediator
Critics dunk on Pennsylvania Lt. gov for claiming 'lies' about 2020 election 'not protected speech'
Growth in Q4 forecast to hit pre-virus rate
BREAKING NEWS: MyPillow CEO visits Trump - notes say 'MARTIAL LAW'
Denmark leads EU on deployment of zero-emission buses: report
Pompeo cancels his last trip to Europe after unprecedented snub
Trump ally Mike Lindell of MyPillow pushes martial law at White House
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End of Merkel era begins as German CDU picks new party leader
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Mexico president backs dropping drug case against ex-defense minister
Today in Kuwait history:
Briefing of KUNA main news for Thursday until 00:00 GMT
New York prosecutors interview Michael Cohen about Trump finances
Guterres nominates Jan Kubis as new envoy to Libya
Italian Natalina Cea appointed head of EUBAM in Libya
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Në rastin Thaçi dhe të tjerët janë 71 dëshmitarë nën mbrojtje
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GOP sours on Trump, but many cling to election hoax
EU appoints Italian to head border mission in Libya
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Albanian Leaders Commemorate Kosovo’s Recak Massacre
UN chief concerned over persistent violence in Cameroon

2021 Would Be A Great Time To Audit The Fed

Zero Hedge 29.11.2020. 04:21

2021 Would Be A Great Time To Audit The Fed

Progressives must not fall for this but instead team up with the populist right to audit the Fed and demand transparency. Let the healing begin! If it is going to be President Joe Biden a couple months from now, then there will be all the more incentive for antiestablishment Democrats to join force»»»
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