Families fined for breaking lockdown rules have hopes of a review dashed
Najran governor reviews plans for new measures against COVID-19
Tory anger at Dominic Cummings grows as 61 MPs defy Boris Johnson
Sing a song of subversion: US funded Venezuela rock bands to dent Chávez
It’s Official: 100,000 Are Dead of Covid-19 in America, and Their Blood Is on Trump’s Hands
Renault and Nissan rule out merger as part of survival plan
Pubs and restaurants could reopen NEXT MONTH, says Boris Johnson
Itamilradar Intercepts military flights between Istanbul and Misurata
Algeria says it’s ready to host Libyan dialogue
Who's Who: Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Alaaraj, dean of the Makkah College of Technology
Albania and Turkey Only Countries to Have Destroyed Sites under Europa Nostra Protection
No US Influence over New Kosovo Government Formation, Says Matthew Palmer
COVID-19 Could Present Protection Issues in Conflict Zones
US Congress approves sanctions on China over barbarous actions targeting the Uighur people in Xianjiang
U.S. accuses ex-Venezuelan lawmaker of drug conspiracy tied to Middle East militants
Masks Sold by Former White House Official to Navajo Hospitals Don’t Meet FDA Standards
Coronavirus: From 'We've shut it down' to 100,000 US dead
Kuwait Airways sacks 1,500 expatriate employees
Iran changes its tactics in Iraq after Qassem Soleimani's death: report
Chinese lawmakers deliberate draft decision on Hong Kong national security legislation
“Over 1 400 serological tests performed”/ Manastriliu: Eased measures do not necessarily mean relaxation of behavioral patterns, follow social distan
HKSAR Legislative Council resumes 2nd reading debate on National Anthem Bill
Libyan Army denies receiving modern Russian warplanes
U.S. Hong Kong response could include visa and economic sanctions, Stilwell says
Rights groups call on USAID to fire new religious advisor over anti-Muslim views
Saudi Arabia arrests woman who 'insulted' Mohammed bin Salman: Reports
Exclusive: Ex-Trump envoy Jason Greenblatt says ‘door to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations remains open’
Egyptian government prepares new economic stimulus package
A downward trend in pandemic in Turkey but minister warns of second wave
If we can overcome the coronavirus
From Libya to Syria, Turkey stands to gain strength in post-coronavirus period
France is worried Libya is turning into Syria
'Squirming' PM accused of 'ducking straight answers' to protect Cummings
Beginning from June 1, movement all over country, borders and beaches open/Plan of economic recovery soon
GITAHI: The case for reopening our economy
Briefing of KUNA main news for Tuesday until 00:00 GMT
EC proposes EUR 12.9 billion for pre-accession assistance
Romania to break nuke plant expansion agreement with Chinese partner
SPAK against Plan to Set Up Anti-Crime Committee
Emily Maitlis, stop acting like a student with an ‘I-Heart Jeremy Corbyn’ badge
Thaçi: Kurti, Abazi dhe Sveçla fikën kamerat dhe vizituan dhomën e përgjimeve në PTK për tri ditë
Lebanon leader backs UN peace force after protests
UAE’s high-tech food plan pays off in pandemic
Anger as EU orders all nations to chip into ‘unprecedented’ €750bn coronavirus recovery fund for worst-hit countries
Boris Johnson aims to reduce two metre rule to help pubs and shops reopen soon
Two friends craving McDonald’s after eight weeks of lockdown take 250-mile round trip to nearest drive-thru
Saudis learning to live with lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic
Germany's Merkel calls on parties in Libya to reach cease-fire
Canada court ruling allows US extradition case of Huawei executive to proceed
Wall Street gains with economic hopes; bank stocks jump
Dollar treads water against euro; yuan sinks on U.S.-China tensions
Dyshimet e Haradinajt: Kurti i vetmi i burgosur që u lejua të japë intervistë në burgun serb, majtizmi i tij është prosllav
Saudi landlords exempt tenants from paying rent
Coronavirus: What attacks on Asians reveal about American identity
Coronavirus: Latest Global Developments
Migrants stuck on merchant ship disembark in Libya: IOM
Coronavirus has triggered the largest drop in global energy investment in history: IEA
Spain Delays Sea Transit Operation as Borders With Morocco Remain Closed
Australia and How the Corona Crisis Raises Wider Geopolitical Issues
The COVID-19 Chronicles: Eastern Europe
Stocks rally on EU stimulus plan, euro gains
COVID-19 crisis to accelerate capital, trade, and technological war between US and China
78 per cent of Libya's Covid-19 infections are from Tripoli
Rouhani urges Iran MPs to 'cooperate' as parliament opens
Sudan says 3 jailed members of ousted Bashir regime have coronavirus
EU Must Play Global Role in Virus Crisis, Says Merkel
U shkarkuan nga bordet që i emëroi Kurti, inspektori i afërt me PDK’në i kthen në punë Thaçin e Istrefin
IFC provides $30m financing package for private hospital in Jordan
US says Hong Kong ‘no longer autonomous from China’ after Beijing warned US not to ‘take countries to new Cold War’
Ramzan Kadyrov appears in public after Covid-19 illness reports
The Guardian view on Johnson and Cummings: cynical bluster | Editorial
Huawei CFO Meng loses key court fight against extradition to United States
Algeria recalls France envoy after protest films, rejects journalist’s bail plea
Investigators scour Pakistan air crash site for clues and cockpit voice recorder

An African e-commerce giant seeks more cooperation from China

IOL News 18.10.2019. 18:44

An African e-commerce giant seeks more cooperation from China

INTERNATIONAL - Africa's e-commerce giant Jumia is seeking closer cooperation with China in order to boost its sales, a senior executive told Xinhua on Wednesday. Jeremy Doutte, executive vice president of Jumia Group, told Xinhua in Nairobi that his company will attend the Sixth World Internet Con»»»
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