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NHS Test and Trace contacts will not be told who has named them
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Senator Ted Cruz: Twitter’s failure to delete Iranian officials’ accounts could violate US sanctions
On International Peacekeepers Day, UNIFIL salutes women’s participation in peace building and conflict resolution
Europe’s social welfare net shows signs of wear from virus
Trump Towers Istanbul partner ‘lobbied White House for vast expansion of US-Turkey trade’
EU's greenhouse gas emissions continue to fall as coal ditched

Sweet dreams are Congolese - A chocolate factory in a conflict zone

The Gulf Times 04.04. 08:14

Sweet dreams are Congolese - A chocolate factory in a conflict zone

D OMINIQUE PERSOONE , the bad boy of Belgian chocolate, has served powdered chocolate that has been snorted like cocaine at a party for the Rolling Stones and had the sticky stuff drizzled on naked women for a photo shoot. His latest escapade is making chocolate in the jungles of eastern Congo. The»»»

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