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Military offensive not a viable solution for Libya, Foreign Ministry says

Malta Today 29.04.2019. 18:14

Military offensive not a viable solution for Libya, Foreign Ministry says

Malta has joined calls for all sides of the Libyan conflict to halt military activity, respect international law and resume political dialogue. The Foreign Ministry said on Monday that Malta is “deeply concerned” at the violent turn of events in Tripoli and its surroundings. Expressing regret at th»»»

BBC 21.04.2019. 00:29

Libya crisis: Clashes erupt south of capital Tripoli

Heavy fighting has erupted south of Tripoli after Libya's UN-backed government announced a counter-offensive against insurgent forces. It comes after days of limited advances by either side, in clashes which have killed 220 people. Soldiers loyal to Gen Khalifa Haftar launched an attack earlier thi»»»
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