Democrats swipe at inquiry
Moscow zoo panda cam allows whole world to watch
Son of former German president stabbed to death in Berlin
Deaths reported after Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria
Green finance lessons for the world
Bolivian interim leader proposes new elections
US says will sanction Iran ‘abuses’ against protesters
Petrol subsidy reform poses tough challenge for Iran
ONYANGO: What US pulling out of Paris pact means for Kenya,
Sellers offer a way to beat facial recognition in China
Dominic Green: Prince Andrew allegations could be 'biggest royal scandal since Edward VIII palled around with Nazis'
China still hopeful of phase one trade deal with US
Japan ruling bloc calls for $92 billion growth plan
Labour manifesto promises record investment
Kennedy Personally Advocated For Kavanaugh To Fill His Supreme Court Seat: Book
Why Should Anyone Believe Gordon Sondland Didn't Connect Burisma To Biden?
Eni becomes an active member of the governance of the forest conservation project REDD + Luangwa Community Forests (LCFP), in Zambia
Which came first - the riots or the US Senate's HK legislation?
Sydney gasps for air as Australia bushfire smoke reaches record levels
Lindsey Graham Begins Investigation Into The Bidens
Students burn history books as protests continue in Lebanon
Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu will be indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust
Growth and prosperity lure overseas Chinese home
Artificial eyes: How robots will see in the future
The Kardashians Came Up In The Impeachment Hearing And Viewers Were Not Ready
Victoria’s Secret 2019 Fashion Show officially CANCELLED following string of controversies
Discover China: Digital technologies enable inclusive finance in China
US warns Pakistan of risks from China infrastructure push through CPEC
Trump signs spending bill to avoid shutdown until late December
Bin Laden anthrax scientist under house arrest after jail
Innovation set to underpin China's future development
Suzanne Mubarak in intensive care
Amid tension in southern Gaza, a newlywed couple’s future is thrown to the wind
EU should recognize Palestinian state, says Luxembourg
Gutfeld on Wednesday night’s debate
Islamic State Staggers in Afghanistan, but Survives
Morocco cleared to acquire attack helicopters worth $4.25 bln
Fiona Hill: UK coal miner's daughter turned top US Russia expert
Oiling the wheels of world’s biggest float
Saudi Arabia must plan carefully for ‘super cities,’ says strategist
All new phones and computers in Russia must have secret government software installed in crackdown
Just passing by and hit by tear gas? How to treat its effects
US Army conducting TikTok security assessment after senator’s warning
Escalating China-US conflict risks ‘hot war,’ warns Kissinger
Bill Gates tells NEF that nuclear has a place in climate campaign
Dems could draft 4 articles of impeachment, GOP plans for full Senate trial, sources say
Sondland Pressed Ukraine to Smear Biden at Trump’s Direction, Diplomat Says
Bacteria-infected mosquitoes take bite out of deadly dengue
HK services sector to get more access to mainland
Speech deserves attention for content not speaker
Turkey establishes safe zone in northern Syria: minister
Two more witnesses testify publicly in Trump impeachment inquiry
Nation's economy on stable growth track
German Chancellor Merkel to visit Nazi death camp at Auschwitz
Analysts fear regimes will celebrate and imitate Iran’s “halal net” following digital blackout
Riot police to guard all polling stations in Hong Kong for first time
Labour’s manifesto launch sends party into chaos as Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to hit motorists are exposed
Former US security official undercuts Trump's impeachment defence
TheFace: Princess Abeer S. Al-Saud, pioneer in international development and peacebuilding
Impeachment testimony takeaways: Fiona Hill says Ukraine scheme 'very clear'
President Putin bestows Order of Friendship on Filipino
Mahinda Rajapaksa sworn in as Sri Lanka’s new prime minister
White Helmets involved in forcible removal of human organs of Syrians in Terrorist-controlled areas: Study
More than 100 House Dems call for Stephen Miller's dismissal, saying he's an 'avid white nationalist'
Graham demands documents on Ukraine, Bidens, Obama administration from 2016
Kazakh in S. Korea indicted for financing terror group
Australia should have been a safe haven for gay Saudi journalists fleeing persecution. It wasn't
A May '68 for the modern era
Make Hongkongers with BNOs full British citizens, Boris Johnson is urged
Impeachment and the wider world

KUNA main news for Monday, October 14, 2019

Kuna 14.10. 14:50

KUNA main news for Monday, October 14, 2019

International: =========== RIYADH -- Russian President visits Saudi Arabia. ANKARA -- Follow up on developments of Turkish operation in Syria. BRUSSELS-- EU FMs discuss possible arms embargo on Turkey (Issued at 12:05 pm local-time 09:05 GMT) Editor on duty: Mohammad Al-Bedah, 14:00 - 19:30 (11:00 »»»

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