US military says 52 Somali Islamists killed in air strike
Europe’s patience with Iran wears thin, tiptoes toward Trump
Marine vet with PTSD held by ICE for 3 days before agency realized he was citizen
UN envoy to Libya: We won't allow undermining political process
Trump says he appreciates Mueller’s statement disputing BuzzFeed report
More than 10,000 protest in Belgrade against Serbian president
Bjarke Ingels Remains “Excited,” Even Though Tender Failed
Police kill 4 insurgents in shootout in Pakistan
Indonesia’s radical cleric to be freed next week
Syria opposition chief says peace efforts 'paralysed', still sees opportunity
UAE promoting parliamentary cooperation with Caribbean countries
LOUGHRAN: Millions of Britons turn against meat, preferring food
'Why Theresa May must extend Article 50'
Brexit poll reveals voters want ministers unpaid until they sort out chaos
Sudan protesters plan march on parliament
El Malki Represents King Mohammed VI at Historic Malagasy Inauguration
US airstrike in Somalia kills 52 al-Shabaab fighters, military says
IOM: 68 migrants rescued by Italian Coast Guard after they left Libya
Women protest in hundreds of US cities for third straight year
Mueller’s office disputes BuzzFeed account of Trump ordering Cohen to lie to Congress
Siemens-Alstom rail merger is poised to be barred by EU
FaceOf: Fahad bin Maayouf Al-Ruwaily, Saudi ambassador to Denmark and Lithuania
Saudi Arabia, UAE agree on joint program to test supply chain and security systems
HRW severely criticizes Morocco
US airstrike in Somalia kills 52 Al-Shabab extremists
Thousands join women’s march in US despite internal divisions
David Cameron is a headless chicken who legged it after Brexit — which shows how lucky we are to have Theresa May as PM
Arab coalition targets Yemen's Houthi drone capabilities in Sanaa
The Tories now treat the nation as they have long treated the poor | Nick Cohen
Brexit bullion: Fear of no-deal triggers Irish gold rush
Pacific Rim trade bloc meets in Tokyo, prepping for growth
Dubai-bound plane makes emergency landing over cabin poisoning fears as passengers say they are ‘suffocating and turning green’
Turkey successfully implements agreements with Russia on Idlib - MoD
Does Our Civilization has at Least Some Chance to Survive?
Does Israel plan to defy Iran’s hegemony in Iraq like Syria?
China and the West: from trade war to a clash of civilisations?
President Trump pays tribute to Americans killed in Syrian suicide bombing as their bodies arrive back in US
Contest helps Emirati women lead in business
More Organisations Call on PM Rama to Drop Draconian Media Law
Is Assad trying to silence Syrian dissidents based overseas?
Opinion | Democrats Need To Start Trump-Russia Hearings Now
Pro-Leave warn May not to water-down Brexit or risks splitting party
Football leaks suspected hacker hires Edward Snowden's lawyer
Yellow Vest violence breaks out beside Paris tomb of Napoleon
Preserving national identity a challenge: Saudi Arabia's Islamic affairs minister
Woke washing? How brands like Gillette turn profits by creating a conscience
Libya will head the 5 + 5 Dialogue Conference for the next two years
Boxing legend Mayweather tours historic Al-Ula
EgyptAir flies six hippos from South Africa to China
Dominic Grieve unveils amendment to give MPs power to stop No Deal
Police arrest teenager, 18, over murder of Jaden Moodie, 14
World economy wobbles on eve of Davos, with politics to blame
Survivors: Up to 117 migrants missing in capsizing off Libya
Report: US won't intervene if Israel attacks in Iraq
Russia to Israel: No more air strikes on Damascus airport
Tehran is taunting the US via Iraq, Syria and Lebanon
Libya must flush out extremism to end years of chaos
Abu Dhabi finances renewable projects worth Dh4.4b
'Iraq on steroids': senator in Syria warning as Trump receives remains
EU condemns Tripoli clashes, says those responsible “will be held accountable”
Around 170 dead, missing in two shipwrecks in the Mediterranean - reports
The history of Singapore Airlines: planes, awards and Singapore Girls
US air strike in eastern Syria kills 20
ACWA Power plans to double water desalination and power generation capacity in 5 years
ADFD finances $1.187 billion renewable energy projects
Taiwan Holds Live-Fire Military Exercise Amid Fears Of China Invasion
Escort who claimed she had dirt on Trump arrested in Moscow on prostitution charges
Sudan protesters plan march on parliament, more demos
MPs plot to take control of Brexit process from beleaguered UK government
GNA’s Health Ministry calls on conflicting militias not to attack ambulance drivers
Libya announces killing of 5 terrorists, including Egyptian
What next for Iran as the US continues to pile on the pressure?
World’s mounting problems are tough, but not unbeatable
There are no easy options for anyone in northern Syria
Parliament delegation arrives in Kuwait
French Economy Minister to arrive in Cairo tomorrow
Egypt's FM meets Marada Movement chief in Lebanon
Huge quantities of counterfeit cosmetics seized in MCI raids
President to take part in Davos Economic ForumYou are leaving the official website of Polish President
BuzzFeed Trump story was always dubious but ABC, CBS, NBC still spent over 27 minutes on it
Tata & Prince: Precedent for Syria, Afghanistan pullout lies with WWII-era Flying Tigers
Keeping Kim Davy case aside, India and Denmark step up ties
Trump accuses Pelosi of being 'controlled by the radical left,' hours before White House statement on shutdown
'They came for blood': a month of Sudanese protests in face of government crackdown
Trump fires back after Mueller disputes accuracy of report
Fuel Samples, ALSAI Unveils Areas with Low Quality
Mission de Giuseppe Conte et présence militaire italienne au Niger : L’Italie persiste, la France s’oppose, le Niger bafouille
Contentieux judiciaire État du Niger-Africarail : Africarail réclame plus de 292 milliards de francs CFA de l’État du Niger
Trump paying tribute to Americans killed in Syrian attack
Marrakech Host Global Education Congress on North-South Collaboration
Trump Attorney Goes Ballistic After BuzzFeed Blunder; Demands DOJ Reveal Leakers
‘It’s like hell here’: Australia bakes as record temperatures nudge 50C
Moment Mexico pipeline explodes killing 66 as victims seen running across field in flames
Diplomats from 90 countries tour KAUST
Former Bashir adviser is the face of Sudan protests
Egypt Independent US names three killed in Syria blast claimed by Islamic State
Ex-President Purvanov: Bulgaria Needs New Energy Strategy
Iran to feel bite of US sanctions this year, experts say
Stocks are having their best January in years
Franjieh reviews developments with Egyptian Foreign Minister
'Protests to Overthrow Rama', PJIU Against Basha
United States Doesn't Even Make Top 20 on Global Democracy Index
Egypt Independent Five terrorists killed in Arish: Interior Ministry
Arab Summit in Beirut: Khemaïes Jhinaoui to represent Head of State
NATO ready to enhance Tunisias military capabilities
Tunisian Air Force unit participates for first time in UN peacekeeping mission in Mali
Oil surges 3% on Opec glut-cut plan, signs of US-China thaw
Henry Cuellar’s Policy Preferences Could Destroy the World. But Then Again, He’s a Really Nice Guy.
Alibaba's 'City Brain' is slashing congestion in its hometown
Russian FM says all Syrian territories should be returned to gov't
Sudan protesters plan march on parliament, more demos
Italy's Salvini wants to work with France to capture 'assassins'...
The Yemeni refugee unveils Canadian government's selectivity in human rightsRelated NewsComments.
Houthi violations of Sweden Agreement kill Yemen hopesRelated NewsComments.
Opponent wants to behead serpent… This how Qatar has turned into Ottoman state!Related NewsComments.
Energy drinks lose kick as UAE public shuns cost
Ill Nuclear Workers’ Benefits Petitions Have to Be Reviewed Within 6 Months. Some Have Languished About a Decade.
Sentenced for Murder, Interpol Tirana Extradites 2 Persons
Explosive Report on Abuse of Women Photographers Stirs Both Anger and Pride
How Big Oil Dodges Facebook’s New Ad Transparency Rules breaking news in a video: 18.01.2019
ICC Prosecutors: bar ex-Ivory Coast leader Gbagbo from returning home
'UAE-India bilateral trade to exceed US$100 billion by 2020', says UAE Minister
Donald Trump doubling down on the US government shutdown is a highly calculated move
'Not partners': Abe, Putin on collision course over disputed islands
Mexico explosion death toll hits 66; 85 missing
First highlevel Mashreq Conference on Women's Economic Empowerment opens at the Grand Serail: Hariri announces national action program to increase wom
Bangladesh PM Hasina seeks people’s support at victory rally
Iran's General Soleimani Ramping Up Efforts To Counter Trump In Iraq And Syria
Justice Minister: Morocco is Taking Steps Toward Ending Death Penalty
Lifting trade barriers key to Africa's economic emergence, DP World chairman says
El Chapo’s threatening text messages to mistress revealed: "The mafia kills people who don't pay or people who snitch"
Souq Waqif Equestrian Festival 2019 begins
RBI to take measures to enable robust growth
They said I'd go blind. Now gene therapy has changed that
2018 was another year of BDS victories
Leader of Bavarian CSU promises new start with Merkel's party
Human Rights Watch: 200 thousand internal displaced in Libya
Uncertainty in Congo as African Union leaders visit
The public trial of a dove
Hydrocarbons : Algeria takes lead in production capacity
The world still needs Nato
Mahdi Dungo… End of ISIS Desert Army Commander
The Pacific islands in middle of US-China battle for influence
Former Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to contest presidential polls
UN hails Ethiopia move to offer refugees jobs and banking
WHO condemns unceasing attacks on civilians, health facilities in Tripoli
Israeli, Palestinian Officials Reject Leaked Trump Peace Plan
Air Arabia begins legal proceedings against Abraaj founder
Deadly air strike kills 73 Al Shabaab in Somalia | Somalia | World | Mareeg Media | Somalia | World | Mareeg Media
Lebanon urges Arab League to readmit Syria ahead of regional summit
Kosovo war crimes court imposed on Kosovo, says ex-prime minister
Twitter Users Taunt Trump Over 'Your Favorite President' Boast
Palestinian rejects $100m Israel offer to buy his Hebron home
Russia ready to host Palestine reconciliation conference
Amnesty: Egypt must release rights activist Abdelmonem
Prosecutors Extend Again the Period of Investigation on Former Albanian Minister Saimir Tahiri
Labour's Diane Abbott claims 'hostile atmosphere' on Question Time
LNA… new year, new achievements
Climactic events in 1979 shaped modern Mideast
PM Rama New Foreign Minister, This is A Stupid Thing - Vasili Says
Three billboards: Chinese artist takes aim at gay ‘conversion therapy’
Infantino: Still Early to Talk About Moroccan-European Bid for 2030 World Cup
Brexit is a crisis of timing, not direction
Here's How Europe's Nationalist Parties View The EU
Tunisia Labor Union Calls for More Strikes in February
Somalia's Al Shabaab overruns military base near Kismayo, 41 killed | Somalia | World | Mareeg Media | Somalia | World | Mareeg Media
Searching for a Palestinian national project
Lebanon foreign minister urges Arab League to readmit Syria
Karen Wazen stars in flirty, fun fragrance campaign
AFP: Russians dive into icy waters on Epiphany
Buchanan: At Age 70, Time To Rethink NATO
АFP: In tears and shock, Poland bids farewell to murdered mayor
US military sends large armored convoy to Manbij (video)
Weekly Digest of Central Asia
Hospital can deal with whom it likes, says Mizzi on secret Vitals-Technoline deal
Ethiopia announces 'massive offensive' against Al Shabab in Somalia
President Meta Praises Arberesh College of St. Adrian
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development finances renewable energy projects worth AED4.4 billion
Turkish Interior Minister Pays Visit to Bulgaria - - Sofia News Agency
Air strike on Daesh-held area in eastern Syria kills 20
UN seeks ‘right conditions’ for Libya conference
Dems' $600G media campaign suggests Trump right about his foes using shutdown for 2020 strategy
Congress to probe whether Trump told lawyer Cohen to lie
May’s foes gather as Britain’s Brexit stalemate drags on
3 dead after migrant boat sinks off Libyan coast
Former British PM Major urges May to drop Brexit ‘red lines’
Economists: Sudan Must Reform to Pull Economy Out of Nosedive
Qatari Emir to ‘Personally’ Attend Beirut Economic Summit
German Bundestag Calls for More Support to Ethiopia-Eritrea Peace Process
Women's March: 30 countries set to take part in third global protest
Kamala Harris: can a 'top cop' win over progressives in 2020?
Kirsten Gillibrand is a feminist candidate. No wonder she is being attacked | Moira Donegan
Mueller's BuzzFeed smackdown prompts, press, pundits to pile on
Burkina Faso: Prime Minister and cabinet resign from office
US Senator Graham says ties with Riyadh cannot move on until MBS 'dealt with'
Arrested Portuguese hacker is Football Leaks 'whistleblower': lawyers
LNA kills Abu Talha al-Libi, a founder of al-Nusra Front in Syria… Who is he?
Parliamentary bloc: Salame forgot he is UN envoy and must be changed
George Conway Tweets One Bit Of Advice For ‘Pathological Liar’ Trump
Bulgaria extradites Russian hacker to the US
US Confirms Arrest of American-Iranian Anchor as Witness in Federal Probe
US Senator Graham hopes Trump will slow America’s Syria withdrawal
EU urges conflicting parties to respect UN-led ceasefire
Burkina Faso government resigns as security deteriorates
Democratic Republic of Congo rejects request to suspend election results
Chelsea Should Think Twice About Paredes and Higuaín
How will we explain this joke of a Parliament to future generations?
Arab Spring Gone Toxic!
US-Saudi Relationship Stalled: US Senator
6 Obstacles Hinder Establishment of ‘Safe Zone’ on Syrian-Turkish Border
Malala Yousafzai on student life, facing critics – and her political ambitions
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal' is actually an old socialist plan from Canada
Why the Women's March saddens (and outrages) this long-time feminist and women's rights activist
Gregg Jarrett: BuzzFeed report with false attack on Trump is media malpractice
China Focus: High-level opening-up drives Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development
Over 20 Civilians Killed in US-Led Airstrikes in Deir Ez-Zor: Report
Children seek MEP to champion their rights
Prime ministers to continue discussing EAEU common gas market on 1 February
Bill Maher Jokes About Penetration Between Trump And Putin
Sen. Lindsey Graham flies to Turkey, meets with Erdogan to discuss US withdrawal from Syria
China sees fewer, higher-quality marathons as fever subsides
EU: Recent exchanges on Karabakh send a positive signal for progress
Trump plans to make ‘major announcement’ on US government shutdown, border
Trump, Kim to meet anew in month after North Korean visits White House
Mercedes-Benz to open car assembly plant in Egypt
AU Commission hails Qatar’s support
Theresa May appeasing hard-Brexit Tories, ministers warn
UN experts: Fuel from Iran is financing Houthis in Yemen war
Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra at QNCC today
Sony Music ends contract with US singer R. Kelly
New Saudi TV drama ‘Doon’ asks how far you would go to save a loved one
EXCLUSIVE/ Ditmir Bushati, Albanian Diplomacy, 5 Years Later
Attendance at US’ Anti-Iran Summit Could Destroy Europe’s Interests: Analyst
Turkey's Int’l Investment Position Improves
Aoun’s Hosting of Economic Summit Vexes Syria
Arab League: Consensus Unavailable for Ending Syria’s Suspension
Yet another Brexit chapter
Order to publish CEO’s, Neville Gafà’s contracts defied
ISIS releases video showing executions of 21 Egyptians in Libya
Is standup comedy dead? Exploring the future of funny post-Kevin Hart, Louis CK and Nanette
Rise to the challenge of development, Lam tells Hongkongers, as bypass opens
Award-winning Syrian film Dreams of the City screened
Netanyahu to Romanian PM: Relocate the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Saudi-led coalition mercenaries commit 209 violations over past hours : Army's spokesman
‘We needed Trump to survive’ – in this area of Texas, Trump is deemed a success
US Withdrawal from NATO Would Benefit Americans Most of All
Greater Bay Area scheme opens doors for Hong Kong musicians
Penguins in Istanbul
Germany to limit asylum from Maghreb countries
Iranian FM mocked US national security adviser John Bolton using a play on the '10-year challenge'
Afghan Taleban reject talks with US in Pakistan
Sorry، bad foreign policy isn’t a criminal offense
Int’l Crisis Group: 3 Possible Scenarios to End Sudan Bloodshed
Afghan Taliban reject talks with U.S. in Pakistan
Same Old Elite? Macron's 'Revolution' Fails with Fed Up French
Syria’s Manbij attack victims include daughter of US police official
Prince Philip 'shocked and shaken' after car crash that left two others injured
Militia Fighting in Tripoli Leaves 13 Killed، 52 Injured
Indian business leaders urge central bank to cut benchmark rate
Question Time: Constitutional convention
Stock markets surge on China-US trade breakthrough hopes
Turkey, Syrian rebels attack U.S.-allied militia : militia official
In a twist of faith, Indonesia’s Prabowo plays to Muslim voters
The Price Of Empire
Swiss scientists develop tiny swimming robots that may deliver drugs in blood vessels
China pharma has a bitter pill to swallow: R&D
Crypto Credibility (& Why Gold Makes Sense For Russia)
A 'Convenient Killing' Of US Troops In Syria
How Aladdin’s original Chinese identity was lost in Hollywood
Solution is possible for Singapore-Malaysia territorial disputes
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet for second historic summit next month
Ex-public schoolboy will be strapped naked to frame and caned 24 times
UAE residents call for ‘pet access test’ for therapy animals
What #MeToo: Booze & Hookers Is How Many Asian Countries Do Business
Uyghur refugee tells of death and fear inside Beijing's Xinjiang camps
Sun, sand ... and tech? ‘China's Hawaii’ wants be a hub too
Taiwan looks on enviously as CPTPP meeting kicks off in Tokyo
Tough times for Amsterdam sex business
Canadian woman missing in west Africa believed to be alive: PM
Daily Express: Merkel ‘to be key player’ in EU breakthrough as May plots new Brexit plan
Thousands of Nigerian refugees fleeing Boko Haram forced back by Cameroon
No positive end in sight for Brexit impasse as deadline nears
How the State of the Union became a broadcast event
US-China nuclear mission could provide model for North Korea
Brexit: Compromise or risk Labour party split, Tom Watson warns Jeremy Corbyn
AfD aide ‘paid for Ukraine arson attack’
Your three-minute digest
Ministers 'will QUIT' if PM orders them to reject plan to stop no-deal
Boris Johnson accused of LYING over Turkey claims in referendum fight
German industry ‘looking into abyss’ warns country’s business chiefs
Tony Blair builds a £35million property empire
NASA cooperates with China on moon exploration
News Analysis: Why English clubs fancy German coaches
Guterres affirms UN role in China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative
Spotlight: China's BRI generates positive influences on Arab economy: experts
Kiah Morris case: How far do free speech protections go in the US?
Boris Johnson and lover Carrie seen together for first time as couple
Examining Shutdown Claims from Democrats
Debt Is The Achilles Heel Of The Globalist Establishment
Filthy, feckless feral British family causing mayhem in New Zealand are branded the country’s worst tourists ever
Kosovo’s Haradinaj mentions no tax after meeting EU’s Hahn
Tax, Kosovo Army stirred tensions in Balkans, says Putin
Zimbabwe shuts down internet as UN slams military crackdown
Betraying Reformist backers, Rouhani paves way for Iran’s hard-liners to take office
Tom Watson: 'Labour must not fail UK at crucial point in Brexit'
Private jets, endless shopping and pet TIGERS are just part of the everyday luxury lifestyles of the Rich Kids Of Dubai
Thousands returning to Nigeria’s restive Borno state ‘at risk’; UN ‘gravely concerned’
Kosovo opposition leader met EU Representative, British Ambassador
Zimbabwe imposes ‘total internet shutdown’ amid deadly crackdown
Lawmaker-turned-Saudi lobbyist raises eyebrows with campaign donations
Infectious diseases are set to become as great a risk for global business as climate change
Houthi militia ‘must respect neutrality of aid workers’
UN chief: Instruments at hand to probe Khashoggi murder
Stocks rally on trade hopes, dollar has first weekly gain of 2019
Explainer: How U.S.-China talks differ from any other trade deal
Kenyan authorities investigate local role in Nairobi attack
Protester's funeral new flashpoint in Sudan's spreading unrest
Terrifying new jihadi army dubbed HTS emerging to replace ISIS in Syria
EU Shatters Algeria’s Plots to Unsettle Morocco
Trump, North Korea's Kim to hold second summit in late February
NGWIRI: AU has not lost usefulness yet but it’s fast heading
BURINI: Church in DRC stood up when it mattered and was counted
NAFUKHO: Need for demand-driven varsity education
Turkey and Russia must heed lessons from the war in Syria
Stability, foreign investment helping Morocco boom
A stable, secure Europe is in America’s interests
Extraterrestrial competition should be for the good of humanity
Cautious consumers feel the pinch as Chinese economy slows
Saudi Arabia plans oil refinery, petchem plant in South Africa
The shutdown showdown continues
Germany urges Russia, Ukraine to de-escalate conflict
Stop whitewashing #MyDubai
FaceOf: Fayez Al-Shehri, Saudi Shoura Council member
GEK Terna lands contract for Belgrade airport, Nikos Roussanoglou | Kathimerini
Despite government shutdown, Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Park to open thanks to Delta donation
Intel: How Israel is trying to calm growing US fears over its China connections
Farmer turns ferryman as river engulfs Syrian hometown
Syrian refugees wade through their worst Lebanese winter
Intel: Why Turkey is threatening Damascus after Manbij attack
Classifies Algeria As "Safe Country"
Local PNL leader: List for EP election not yet discussed, ex-party leader Antonescu applied for selection - Nine O' Clock
India watchdog orders DP World unit to withdraw some notices to clients at Mumbai port
UN seeks 'right conditions' for Libya conference
Barzani in Paris to discuss war against ISIS and region’s future
Wall Street extends rally on U.S.-China trade optimism
Amnesty slams ‘shameful’ EU policy as migrant boats barred from ports
Zimbabwe blocks social media as crackdown intensifies
Libyan authorities must shoulder the burden to support country’s ‘vulnerable’ south
UN agency chief calls Ethiopia’s revised refugee law ‘one of most progressive’ in Africa
Syria gets more support for Arab League return
Tony Blair: UK Muslim activist groups promote ‘extremist world view’
Crush the hateful anti-Jewish trolls… just mute them
Trump in the dumps over online poll rigging charge
UN Hopes to Hold National Conference on Libya
Deadly attack on US forces leaves Syria town fearful for future
Explosion in north Syria targets Al-Qaeda gunmen, kills 11
President Iohannis: Appointment proposals for Development,Transport Ministries still don't prove fulfilment of legal requirements. Gov't secretary gen
Commentary: Will China go to war over Taiwan?
'Why Sudan is shooting medics'
[WATCH] ‘I’m scared to call myself a feminist’, 17-year-old voter tells MEP candidates
Trump, Pelosi feud heats up again
Former US envoy in fight against Islamic State says Trump giving group 'new life'
Tens of thousands honor stabbed Polish mayor on burial eve
The world this week - Brexit impasse, Trump's Syria pullout repercussions, Kenya attack and Gbagbo's acquittal
At Arab Summit, Lebanese FM Calls for Restoring Syria Membership
Man sets himself ablaze in Prague on 50th anniversary of similar event protesting Soviet invasion
Syrian girl disfigured by bomb attack refused US visa under Trump travel ban
Ex-navy Seal and sailor among US victims killed in Syria suicide attack
White House denies Pelosi ‘leak’ charge, as details from Kabul cable raise questions over claim
Key members of Armenian mafia arrested in France
Mercedes-Benz considers resuming car assembly in Egypt
Officer who killed teen used racial slurs, excessive force
Erdogan granted emergency economic powers
Oil slides on increased U.S. output and U.S.-China trade fears
Libyan National Army Kills Senior Qaeda Operative
Israeli fire wounds 14 as thousands of Palestinians protest at Gaza border
New York’s Ingredient Disclosure Program Compliance Delayed
Germany says both Russia, Ukraine must work to de-escalate conflicts
Socialist Party Amendment that Saved Criminals from Extradition
Mihajlovic meets with Keefe
French police under fire as ‘yellow vests’ casualty toll mounts
OPEC Crude Output Falls in December '18
Russia, Serbia Sign Agreement on Nuclear Cooperation
Climate Negotiations: From Paris to Katowice and What Lies Ahead
ISIS Fighters in Syria Are Trying to Push into Iraq, Where U.S.-Backed Forces Can’t Get Along With Militias Supported by Iran
Dutch PM says 'no tweaks' to Brexit plan
OPEC cuts lead oil prices higher
OPEC, allies finalize next meeting for Apr 17-18 in Vienna: official
Why service animals need access tests to help complete therapy
Take Five: World markets themes for the week ahead
Slain Ghanaian journalist hailed as 'national hero' at funeral
AlMaliki says Palestinian refugees remain attached to their right to return to their homeland
Trump to meet North Korean official in the Oval Office in possible prelude to 2nd nuclear summit
Spanish King Felipe VI to Visit Morocco in February
27,620 Drug Addicts Receive Treatment in Moroccan Rehabilitation Centers
The 'spiritual leader' of the group behind the 2002 Bali bombings will be freed
US company doubles investments in Yandex
Theresa May will do anything for love, but she won’t do that, or that, or that … | Marina Hyde
Russian social commerce generates $9bn per annum, 40% of e-merchants' sales
Black Renters In The South Are Bearing The Brunt Of America’s Eviction Crisis
Arabic press review: Senior UAE official sought to buy East Jerusalem home?
Pelosi cancels Afghan trip after Trump 'leaks' security details
Marxist terrorists blamed for worst Bogota bloodbath in 16 years
Trump grounds Democratic speaker's foreign travel
Jagodina Brewery up for sale
After Manbij attack, Trump's Syria pullout looks riskier than ever
White House officials say "Trump is playing with fire"
Halkbank’s $2bn eurobond move okayed as officials battle Turkey’s credit crunch
Filipinos in Libya advised to take precautions as fighting continues south of Tripoli
HP announces Elisabeth Moreno as VP & Managing Director for HP Africa
Breaking: Massive explosion rocks Idlib city, 15+ killed
Testing times from Beijing to Wall Street
North Korean diplomat arrives in Sweden to discuss U.S. deadlock
Luxembourg's Asselborn says only second referendum would merit...
Russia says it will allow German, French experts to monitor Kerch Strait
Saudi Arabia ‘strongly condemns’ Houthi attack on Yemen UN monitors
Armenia's Deputy PM heads to Moscow from Cairo
Jordanian Foreign Minister calls for deeper coordination that guarantees a greater Arab role in overcoming challenges
The real reasons behind al-Shabab's fatal attack on a Nairobi hotel
MESY Presents the Draft-Pact for the University
Valjevo Brewery privatised, set to be modernised
Germans urge Britain to remain in EU amid Brexit impasse: 'We would miss tea with milk'
Tripoli ceasefire remains steadfast despite recent clashes: UN Libya envoy
The balancing act: Omnichannel excellence in retail banking
How e-commerce supports African business growth
Six lessons on how to embrace the next-generation operating model
Libyan forces say Al-Qaeda commander killed in southern op
Remarks of SRSG Ghassan Salamé to the United Nations Security Council on the situation in Libya
Can article 50 be extended? Six key Brexit questions
Missing ex-Interpol chief's wife wants asylum in France
Minus U.S. Govt., Davos Faces Brazilian Populism and Brexit
6 things Boris Johnson said in his speech that are untrue or at least improbable
Industrials power Wall Street higher on trade optimism
Cairo museum displays Egypt’s ancient Coptic textiles
Yen’s rising linkage with yield differentials signals upside
Basha Publishes the Candidatures for Headship Members
Mali meets with Gruber
EU sets out plans for 'limited' US trade deal
Morocco to Go Further into Debt in 2019 as Growth Rate Slows
Airports, customs, trade: Europe preps for a chaotic Brexit
Is the US overreacting to China? Yes, but … says Harvard expert
Deadly Attack on U.S. Forces Leaves Syria Town Fearful for Future
Santa Hitler mug, Nazi memorabilia found in condo of Florida man who planned to kill Jews, cops say
Modern Monetary Theory (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The National Debt)
Friday US briefing: Trump escalates feud with Pelosi amid shutdown
Libya’s absence reduces Arab countries’ attention to economic summit in Lebanon
Popcorn to hand, EU watches Brexit show but frets for own future
The Brief - The future is theirs... unless we destroy it first
EU gets ready to retaliate if US adopts fresh car tariffs
Peace? Not so fast, many Armenians and Azerbaijanis say
Islamic State killing of US servicemen in Syria likely to influence implementation of president’s withdrawal decision
Pelosi says Trump administration derailed trip plans again, with leak and security warning
Schlumberger shares rise on lower 2019 capex, international outlook
Nigel Farage says he will start a political party if Brexit is delayed
Poll finds over half of Brits want to STAY in the EU
Armenian PM's article published on website of World Economic Forum
Middle East solar pioneers have their efforts recognized
Khalilzad Briefs Pakistani PM On Afghan Peace Efforts
Christians in Asia: persecuted, oppressed … but keeping the faith
Vucic: Putin visit significant for strategic development, infrastructure
Over 200 ghost employees to be fired from PIA, says Soomro
Central bankers lack the weapons to fight the next big recession
Senior WHO official accused of using Ebola cash to pay for girlfriend's flight
Dems rev up impeachment threats after report Trump told Cohen to lie on Russia project
Pence tells media 'attacks on Christian education must end'
Dark web drugs gang raked in £8k-a-week running fentanyl factory ‘linked to dozens of deaths’ and cops fear deadly toll will never be known
PM Borissov Meets Turkish Interior Minister Soylu
US-led airstrikes in Syria kill 20 people - report
A leading figure in al Qaeda killed by LNA in southern Libya
Takfiri Terrorists’ Attack in Hama Repelled by Syrian Army
From Brexit to the Trump shutdown, can women save the day?
Political breakdown grips Israel ahead of elections
GNA and CBL fail to agree national budget for 2019
Delegation from Italian Chamber of Commerce tours Cyrenaica
Macron and Merkel renew their vows
Malaysia, Israel trade barbs over Paralympics ban
Al-Shabab ambushes Ethiopian troops’ convoy in Somalia
Islamist activists promote divide between Muslim and non-Muslim says Tony Blair
What Syria Stands to Lose
Turkey’s Bid for Religious Leadership
If Trump Wants to Get Out of Syria, He Should Do a Deal With Russia
Nigel Farage To Back Another "Vote Leave" Campaign If UK Holds Second Brexit Referendum
DR Congo refuses African Union request to delay release of final vote results
Bassil calls on Arabs to embrace Lebanon
Married Army Ranger, 26, dies in Afghanistan, becoming first military fatality of 2019
Egypt Independent Egypt, EXIM sign electric train loan executive agreement
Sefcovic confirms run at Slovak presidency
With US absent, Wang Qishan will seek to make China’s case at Davos
Itay’s black MEP victim of repeated racist jibes fears ‘institutional’ racism
Germany and China stress importance of closer cooperation
Morocco Thwarted 88,761 Irregular Migration Attempts in 2018
Morocco to Receive €110 Million, Remainder of EU Border Control Fund
Turkey sentences detained judge who won human rights award to 10 years
Chinese company helps Kazakhstan become tungsten leader
Tunisia to almost double gas production this year
Partial government shutdown delays query into Hillary Clinton's private email server
Shaked faces calls to resign as sex scandal rocks Israel judiciary
Fed's Williams says rate policy must be patient, data dependent
Jake Tapper Firmly Debunks Trump And Pence’s ISIS Claims
Amnesty International’s Troubling Collaboration with UK & US Intelligence
Debris of INF treaty will fall far and wide
Vucic: Gas agreement crucial for Serbia
TASS: Russia can save INF Treaty, says German Foreign Minister
Millions of Women Already Live in a Post-Roe America: A Journey Through the Anti-Abortion South
Destroy missile to save treaty, Germany urges Russia
German police control "organized and armed Nazi cell"
Eastern Libyan force says it killed senior Al Qaeda operative
FATF Meant to Back US Sanctions on Iran, Resistance Front: Cleric
If you love Britain, you should bin Brexit
China, Germany hold high level financial dialogue
William Barr: Huffing and puffing
Georgia will not reject transit of Russian gas to Armenia
Ombudsman Maya Manolova on visit to Brussels to present petition by Bulgarian citizens against double standards in food and beverages
Blain: "Maintain A Health Skepticism Of Everything"
Brussels must be prevented from implementing UN migration compact, says FM
Bassil Says Syria 'Biggest Gap' in Arab Summit, Regrets 'Absence of Any State'
Trattative commerciali UE-USA: la Commissione europea presenta progetti di mandato negoziale
Landmark church project stirs mixed sentiments in Turkey
Algeria presidential poll set for April 18
UNSMIL mobilizes support for Libya’s security sector development
Will Erdogan wind up alone after alienating Arabs?
Turkey to hold talks with Russia on new buffer zone in northern Syria
Assad’s reconciliation with Arab world could upend Turkey’s plans
Privatization of Turkish military factory draws strong criticism
What does Kim Jong-un want?
Internet blacked out in Zimbabwe as U.N. urges end to crackdown
Trump vows to boost spending and coverage of US missile defence
ECB has narrow window for rate hikes before economy is too soft
Artsakh Ombudsman: Baku crimes have not received legal assessment
‘A swift transition to renewables would be unfair and cause chaos’
Al Maktoum Foundation explores education needs in Addis Ababa
Can Iranian sovereign crypto-rial loosen sanctions straitjacket?
Israel goes after Hamas in Sinai
Brnabic: Steel mill under no threat
Radical cleric behind Bali bombing to be freed from prison
Barry Ritholtz - Three Necessary Steps to End Brexit Madness
China’s top banker names US Fed policy and Brexit as biggest risks to growth
US assesses its Iran policy not working
Oil climbs 1 pct on OPEC output cut, but US production robust
Zimbabwe imposes internet shutdown
Harvard classical studies professor awarded Greek Order of Honor | Kathimerini
Egypt Independent Davos sees crises aplenty, but few world leaders
Syrian War Report – Jan. 18, 2019: Syrian Military Reinforces Positions In Northwestern Hama
Thousands protest after Nairobi hotel attack [In pictures] | Somalia | World | Mareeg Media | Somalia | World | Mareeg Media
Russia brings in a record current account surplus in 2018
Secret talks between US, NKorea in Sweden, says report
UAE slams Al Houthi attack on UN convoy
List of 2019 Women's March sponsors
EU rules in cars, farming out of US trade talks
Sudan must reform or seek bailout to pull economy out of nosedive
Lebanon's FM calls for Syria's return to Arab League
How China can warm India to its new-found financial clout
Boris twists the knife: Johnson blasts May for 'kowtowing' to Brussels
Israel exploits Brazil’s far-right tilt
Futures, Global Markets Surge On Renewed China Stimulus And Trade Optimism
3 Americans killed in Syria suicide blast identified
Edi Rama Features Embarrassing Story in Malaysian Newspaper
History repeating itself
Palm oil no longer considered ‘biofuel’ in France
Bling and beauty: Dakar's fashion comes of age – photo essay
Gold prices gleam amid Brexit and US shutdown uncertainty
Ministers at war over future of Brexit talks
Russia dismisses Islamic State claim for deadly explosion
EU says Britain would need to vote in European elections if no...
UN issues 9 recommendations on Yemen
Boris Johnson just made his most unbelievable claim yet
Serbian section of TurkStream to be finished by end-2019
‘Voice of ISIS’ jihadi captured in Syria after narrating death cult’s English-language terror videos for years
King Mohammed VI Receives EU’s Federica Mogherini to Talk Partnership
Minister: Less Than 1% of Morocco’s GDP Went to Research in 2017
Somali school children recruited by Al Shabaab | Somalia | World | Mareeg Media | Somalia | World | Mareeg Media
Top N. Korean official in D.C. for talks with Pompeo
Ghosn received $9 mln improperly from Nissan-Mitsubishi JV -companies
Germany: Can't respond to Brexit delay idea until UK says what it...
EU executive head Juncker to talk to British PM on Friday
Israel minister calls to expel international observers from Hebron
Algeria sets April election, no word on Bouteflika candidacy
Meng Hongwei: Wife of ex-Interpol chief seeks France asylum
Property companies react to the unchanged repo rate
Philippines decries ‘war zone in disguise’ tag
As Tunisia's political consensus cracks, IMF austerity may hit the rocks
  Italy's Silvio Berlusconi rebounds again to run for EU parliament
UK government can share evidence with US in IS 'Beatle' case, court rules
Pazardzhik: Schools close next Monday amid flu
Head of UN Monitor Team Survives Houthi Shooting in Hodeidah
Syria: Over 2,000 Evacuated From Final ISIS Holdout
US believes Daesh likely responsible for Manbij blast
Al-Qaeda leader killed in operation in Sabha: Libyan army
4 NBFCs surrender their Certificate of Registration to RBI
The EIB signs the Berlin Call to action for cultural heritage
The Governor of the NBRM at the Euromoney Forum: As policymakers in Central and Eastern Europe we should focus on further improvement of the fundament
EIB signs the Berlin Call to Action “Cultural Heritage for the Future of Europe”
French banks' gloom hits traders as top names weigh bonus cuts
Life on Earth – it beats the dark side of the moon
Ukraine foreign minister says arms talks with U.S. ongoing
Germany: Russia can save INF if it stops violating the treaty
South Africa can’t afford a Zimbabwe meltdown
10 years after Obama, race still agitating US politics
Dems allege they were hacked, likely by Russian intel, after 2018 midterms
Shocking footage shows the seconds before the Shoreham air crash
Artsakh MPs release statement on 29th anniversary of 1990 pogroms in Baku
Peshawar massacre survivor awarded for anti-extremism work
Get Ready for the 'Next Popular Word' - Unification
Egypt abuses put French military deals in spotlight as Macron heads to Cairo
El Othmani: EU-Morocco Agriculture Agreement Required Intense Efforts
Trans-Europe Express - Feminism at the heart of the European Parliament
"Gazprom" Starts Building Infrastructure in Serbia For "Turkish stream" - - Sofia News Agency
COMMENT: Green cash for Siberian trash
Death Toll from Thursday Sudan Demos Rises to 3
Lavrov and UN Envoy for Syria to Meet Next Monday
'Resign Or Be Impeached': Twitter Erupts Over Bombshell Trump Obstruction Report
Farage plans 'new vehicle' to fight second Brexit referendum and EU election
Palestinian ambassador in UK: Trump’s ‘peace plan’ is magician’s misdirection
Three named to En+ voting trust as Deripaska looks to reduce stakes
Brazilian Army to retrofit initial H225Ms
Kenya police detain nine in connection with deadly hotel attack
IMF Paints a bleak picture of Zimbabwe
CHECK THIS: The rise of Wikipedia … driven by a crucial difference in values
Nasr al-Hariri: Establishing Safe Zone on Turkey Border Is Positive
Report: ‘Poor’ Arab Representation at Beirut’s Economic Summit
Syria military lost over 110 warplanes during war: report
Iraqi forces launch heavy attack on ISIS terrorists in eastern Syria
Russia: Stalemate
Pompeo personally courted by McConnell to run for Senate, or keep option open if 'things get bad'
Rama’s Appointment as Foreign Minister Again Hinges on Constitutional Interpretation
What Biden must do to keep 2020 Democratic hopes alive
How Hong Kong proves a dynamic sporting venue for the world
New Zealand has dirty rivers because of ‘too many cows’
France ready to sue Romania over blocked warships tender
Swedish lawmakers elect PM Lofven to second term
Algeria ready to organize presidential election
Tencent-backed Maoyan to raise up to $350M in HK IPO
FOX NEWS FIRST: Pelosi-Trump feud overshadows shutdown's victims; proof that the Mueller probe is a 'hoax'
Germany Reportedly Exploring Ban On Huawei Products
India antitrust watchdog issues advisories to DP World, Maersk units operating at Mumbai port
Ryanair airs profit warning for second time in three months
Israel demolishes home of accused Palestinian killer
Medieval hostage-taking and prisoner swaps are back in vogue
Analysis: Seven high-risk factors in the global economy and how they could affect Romania
Gripped by Ghosn crisis, Renault expects slight sales growth
SAS hero who saved dozens during Kenya hotel massacre ‘rushed out of the country after idiots reveal his face on social media’
Audi Hungaria union to hold warning strike over wages
Early authorization bonds to improve debt management
For God and country: is religion still a factor in Maltese politics?
PKF unveils the concept of Bitpod | PKF Malta
India court orders security for women who entered flashpoint temple
Khalilzad discusses Afghan peace process with Pakistani FM
Berlin relies on Moscow to save the missile treaty
Shared Mediterranean challenges required shared solutions - Mogherini
Africa Code Week empowers 2.3m youth from 37 countries
CSTO diplomats arrive at Russia MFA to participate in INF Treaty briefing
Copyright directive faces tough test as EU ambassadors meet
Donald Trump to meet a high-ranking North Korean official
Five ways Trump can turn Pelosi's State of the Union ploy into a communications victory
Zimbabwe's biggest mobile operator Econet says ordered to shut down internet
Diplomatic passports, pouches help the wealthy get richer
Sieren's China: Germany could feel effects of Beijing woes
‘He’s cute!’: Serbian president gifts Putin fierce and loyal Balkan sheepdog
Amir Taheri - France: I Am Angry, Therefore I Am
Maltese MEPs reject proposal to end member states' veto over EU tax legislation
Migration and situation in Libya discussed on eve of 5+5 dialogue in Malta
Government-owned entity in bid to acquire Optimum Coal assets
SADC walks back calls for Congo election recount
India, the EU and the hard realities of a post-Brexit world
UN Secretary General welcomed meeting of Armenia, Azerbaijan FMs
Palestinian forces soldier on amid Israeli raids, US neglect
GLASS – Issue #3: The anti-climactic showdown - Alan Mehanna
A website apparently operating from Lebanon revealed personal details of Mossad chief
Al-Maliki: US will have no choice but to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority
Singapore will buy F-35 jets to replace F-16 fleet, defence boss says
Khalil: Berri Won’t Partake in Arab Economic Summit
PM Joseph Muscat in talks with Indian PM Narendra Modi
EU states breaching rule of law could lose funds: Parliament
A stronger role for the euro
Russian MPs prolong payments freeze to Council of Europe

Military-patriotic training on remotest Arctic coast

Barents Observer 08.01. 01:08

Military-patriotic training on remotest Arctic coast

The new political department of the Russian Armed Forces has its first training session for soldiers serving in high Arctic bases. By It was Northern Fleet Head Commander Nikolay Yevmenov that himself in early December gave a lecture to officers and soldiers serving in the bases of Nagurskoye in Fr»»»
Times of Malta 01.12.2018. 07:28

Until justice is served - Alessandra Dee Crespo

The Great Siege monument in Valletta and the controversy surrounding it following the makeshift memorial that grew around it following Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination last year, is not the first controversy to hit this monument. At its unveiling in 1927, political tensions at the time were m»»»
Al-Masdar News 30.11.2018. 19:17
Reuters 19.10.2018. 16:40

Crimea mourns victims of mass shooting

KERCH, Crimea (Reuters) - Hundreds of residents in the Crimean port city of Kerch commemorated on Friday the victims of a college mass shooting in which an armed teenager killed 20 people, mostly his fellow pupils, and injured dozens more. People mourn during a memorial ceremony before the funeral »»»
IOL News 19.10.2018. 16:32

Crimea mourns victims of mass shooting, survivors describe horrific scene

Kerch, Crimea - Hundreds of residents in the Crimean port city of Kerch commemorated on Friday the victims of a college mass shooting in which an armed teenager killed 20 people, mostly his fellow pupils, and injured dozens more. The suspected attacker was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot w»»»
Fox News 19.10.2018. 11:36

Putin sees Russian weapon capabilities as superior to any would-be aggressor

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday promised that his country would not initiate a nuclear attack on any country, but his superior firepower would kill any aggressor without giving any "time to repent." Putin made the comments at an international policy forum in Sochi. He said Russia has n»»»
News 18.10.2018. 19:35

Putin: Russia ‘ahead of competition’ with latest weapons

President Vladimir Putin hailed new missiles in Russia’s military arsenals but emphasized Thursday that the country would only use its nuclear weapons in response to an incoming missile attack, AP reported. Armenia News - President Vladimir Putin hailed new missiles in Russia’s military ars»»»
CNN 18.10.2018. 19:15

Crimea school attack: Russians blame Western culture

(CNN)As Russians struggle to come to terms with a horrific US-style school shooting in Crimea, which has left at least 20 people dead and dozens injured, Kremlin-controlled media are blaming the "corrupting influence" of the West for inspiring the attack. State television has broadcast shocking ima»»»
The Sun 07.10.2018. 16:38

Britain stages biggest war games for 17 years with 5,500 troops while rehearsing cyber strike to black out Moscow

Senior security sources are reportedly concerned Britain's military resources are ill equipped to respond to Russia short of firing Trident nukes DEFENCE chiefs have rehearsed a huge cyber-strike to cripple Moscow if Vladimir Putin ever launches a military attack on the West. Senior security source»»»
The Times 07.10.2018. 01:23

UK war-games cyber attack on Moscow

Defence chiefs have war-gamed a massive cyber-strike to black out Moscow if Vladimir Putin launches a military attack on the West, after concluding that the only other way of hitting back would be to use nuclear weapons. Senior security sources have told The Sunday Times they are concerned that Bri»»»

The Sun 26.09.2018. 18:26

Putin fires another terrifying supersonic anti-ship missile at ‘enemy warships’ in Arctic training exercise

Chilling video footage shows the launch of Oniks rockets from Kotelny Island off the north coast of Siberia RUSSIAN war games came to the Arctic today as Vladimir Putin authorised the first-ever use of his Bastion coastal missile complex north of the polar circle. Chilling video footage shows the l»»»
DailyNews Egypt 25.09.2018. 11:00

Israel’s misleading information behind downing Russian military plane: Russia

Russia’s military on Sunday has blamed Israel over the downing of one of its military aircrafts off Syria’s Mediterranean coast, stating that an Israeli fighter jet used the Russian plane as a ‘cover’ from the Syrian government forces. The Russian fighter has been shot by the Syrian government forc»»»
Jordan Times 24.09.2018. 01:39

‘Russia 'misled' by Israel in plane downing over Syria’

MOSCOW — The Russian military on Sunday said "misleading" information from the Israeli air force caused the downing of a Russian plane in Syria and denounced the "adventurism" of Israeli pilots. Military spokesman Igor Konashenkov presented the results of an investigation of how a Russian Ilyushin-»»»

France24 23.09.2018. 19:27

Russia says 'misled' by Israel in plane downing over Syria

MOSCOW (AFP) - The Russian military on Sunday said "misleading" information from the Israeli airforce caused the downing of a Russian plane in Syria, and denounced the "adventurism" of Israeli pilots. Military spokesman Igor Konashenkov presented the results of an investigation of how a Russian Ily»»»
Alarabiya eng 23.09.2018. 16:04

Russia says ‘misled’ by Israel in plane downing over Syria

Russia says ‘misled’ by Israel in plane downing over Syria The Russian military on Sunday said “misleading” information from the Israeli airforce caused the downing of a Russian plane in Syria, and denounced the “adventurism” of Israeli pilots. Military spokesman Igor Konashenkov presented the resu»»»
The Peninsula Qatar 23.09.2018. 15:33

Russia says 'misled' by Israel in plane downing over Syria

Moscow: The Russian military on Sunday said "misleading" information from the Israeli airforce caused the downing of a Russian plane in Syria, and denounced the "adventurism" of Israeli pilots. Military spokesman Igor Konashenkov presented the results of an investigation of how a Russian Ilyushin-2»»»
Syria Times 14.09.2018. 23:08

Putin Concerned by Terrorist Moves in Syria's Idlib: Peskov

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his concern over terrorist activities in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, the RIA news agency cites the Kremlin as saying. President Putin discussed the latest developments in Syria's last stronghold of militants with members of Russia's Secu»»»

An-Nahar TV 06.09.2018. 15:19
National News Agency 06.09.2018. 10:24

UK says Putin 'ultimately' responsible for spy poisoning

NNA - British Security Minister Ben Wallace said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had "ultimate" responsibility for a nerve agent attack on a former Russian double agent in England in March. "Ultimately he does in so far as he is the president of the Russian Federation and it is his g»»»

Focus Information Agency 06.09.2018. 10:10

AFP: UK says Putin 'ultimately' responsible for spy poisoning

London. British Security Minister Ben Wallace said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had "ultimate" responsibility for a nerve agent attack on a former Russian double agent in England in March, AFP reports. "Ultimately he does in so far as he is the president of the Russian Federation »»»

Naharnet 06.09.2018. 10:08

UK Says Putin 'Ultimately' Responsible for Spy Poisoning

British Security Minister Ben Wallace said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had "ultimate" responsibility for a nerve agent attack on a former Russian double agent in England in March. "Ultimately he does in so far as he is the president of the Russian Federation and it is his governm»»»

BBC 22.08.2018. 20:41

Nato-Russia: Putin and Nato trade barbs over troops

Nato has traded barbs with Russia's Vladimir Putin, after he accused the alliance of moving its military assets closer to the Russian border. Mr Putin said Russia must strengthen its own capabilities in response. Nato then defended its actions as "defensive, proportionate" and "in line with our int»»»
The Guardian 03.08.2018. 14:00

US still under attack from 'pervasive campaign' by Russia, officials warn

America is under attack from “a pervasive campaign” by Russia to interfere in the midterm elections, the country’s top security officials warned on Thursday in a markedly different tone from Donald Trump’s statements and tweets. Agency heads stood together in a rare show of force at the White House»»»
Al Manar 13.07.2018. 11:14

Argentina Asks Russia, China to ‘Extradite’ Iran’s Velayati

Argentina says it has asked Russia to arrest and extradite former Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati, citing his alleged role in a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires. Velayati, who is now a top aide to Iranian Supreme Leader Imam Ali Khamenei, was visiting Moscow on Thursday for a meeting with P»»»

Mirror 20.06.2018. 22:29

Russia is preparing for war, British military experts warn

Russia is preparing for war, a top Defence Minister warned senior military officers on Wednesday. Tory Mark Lancaster insisted the Kremlin was getting ready for conflict after learning lessons from recent battles it has fought. And the new head of the Army warned of an “existential” threat to Brita»»»
You can read more about this at Osservatorio Italiano

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