France, Morocco to Discuss Issue of Unaccompanied Minors in Europe
Global ETEC meet to be held virtually in October 2020
Emirati poet says banned from travel over anti-normalisation stance
Abu Dhabi Court places NMC Healthcare under local administration
Mustafa pas heqjes së vijave të kuqe për PDK’në: Problemet zgjidhen duke bashkëpunuar e jo me politika populliste
China's carbon pledge requires it to put energy system into reverse
Andrew McCarthy: Steele dossier source – would you believe a suspected Russian spy?
Williams: Ceasefire should be followed by departure of mercenaries from Libya
Al-Sisi Hosts Haftar, Saleh of Libya’s Eastern Leadership in Cairo
Palestine starts diplomatic steps to hold int'l conference for peace process with Israel
Charlie Hebdo suspect told police he was 'targeting the magazine'
NYPD charge BLM protesters standing among NYC diners,Portland erupts
WATCH: Woman held for ramming car into Black Lives Matter protesters
UK Foreign Secretary calls for ‘just outcome’ for victims of Libyan-backed terrorism
Citation | Egyptian today
UPDATED: Egypt's Sisi inaugurates hydrocracking complex in Qalyubiya governorate
Doctor deaths in Daqahlia brings Egypt’s total COVID-19 doctor death toll to 33
Egypt calls upon Armenia, Azerbaijan to de-escalate clashes over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region
Keir Starmer’s 'new management' will cost Labour minority votes. Does he care? | Nesrine Malik
Bulgarian Socialist Party Holds 50th Congress
Qatar Airways Group financial results reflect airline’s resilience ‘despite momentous challenges’
More than 60% of Wales' population will be in lockdown from tomorrow
Dragon Mart rolls out e-commerce site to support retailers
Stealth F-35s to UAE: Could Congress Actually Block It?
Daimler Investors push for independent chairman as Zetsche bows out
Syrian foreign minister says U.S. sanctions 'suffocate Syrians, just like George Floyd'
Ancient sculpture put up for auction in UK to be returned to Iraq
The story of the “nation of Islam” that wants a “separate country for blacks in America”
Turkey approaches final stages of COVID-19 vaccine
Armenia FM holds phone talks with Josep Borrell and Estonian and Cypriot counterparts
How Trump, Biden are preparing for first presidential debate
Coronavirus – an important scientific breakthrough in Hungary!
EgyptAir resumes direct flights to new five destinations
EU urges immediate end to Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes
UK wants students to be able to go home for Christmas despite COVID
Soldiers recruited to Afghan army amid increased violence
Experts: Normalization with Israel targets not just Palestinians but Turkey, Iran as well
Armenia and Azerbaijan map: Where is Nagorno-Karabakh?
Dragon Mart launches e-commerce platform
Dhaka asks Riyadh to increase flights to KSA
Tavella murder trial in limbo, five years on
OPEC turns 60 at a ‘critical moment’
Momentum drains from West African common currency plans
Lebanon’s Hariri Says He Isn’t Candidate to Form New Gov’t
Sisi to the enemies: “You want to keep the gas OPEC in the region … No, not.”
Head of UN Mission in Libya Commends Morocco’s Efforts to End Crisis
Turkey to unveil new 3-year economic road map amid intense October agenda
Over 7.25M tourists arrive in Turkey in 8 months as mobility gains pace
EgyptAir to resume flights to five destinations starting 1 October
Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump: Who Is Really Better On The Economy?
Bottas wins in Russia as penalties dash Hamilton's record bid
Land-Based Anti-Ship Missiles and the U.S. Marine Corps: Options Available
Virgin Hyperloop in deal to conduct hyperloop feasibility study with Bangalore Airport
Lithuanian port caught in crossfire of Belarus crisis
Azerbaijan, Armenia fight over disputed region as tanks destroyed, helicopters shot down
Democrats Expect “Deep Victory” in April 25 Elections
Zim jet saga: DA slams Ramaphosa’s slap on wrist for defence minister who ’violated oath of office’
EU calls for 'immediate return to negotiations' over Karabakh
Costly fruits slide out of consumers' reach
Alarm in France as 2nd wave of COVID-19 explodes
Swaggering Trump goes into first debate with Biden – eager to fight
‘Disorder, debacle, rebellion’: Backers turn on Britain PM
Flights between Brega Port and Mitiga Airport to resume in October
NOC restarts operations at Hamada field

هل اقتربت التسوية في المنطقة؟ - قناة العالم الاخبارية

Al Alam Iran 06.12.2019. 05:45

هل اقتربت التسوية في المنطقة؟ - قناة العالم الاخبارية

تعيش المنطقة حاليا جولة مواجهة متعددة الأوجه تهدف فيها أطراف الصراع كل من موقعه إلى تثبيت إنجازاته لمن حقق الإنجازات، والانتقال إلى تسجيل نقاط متقدمة لمن يعاني من الإخفاقات. العالم- العراق هي السنة التاسعة توشك على الإنقضاء من عمر الصراع ولا يزال الميدان السياسي والعسكري في حال اشتعال ولا شيء يدل ع»»»
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