China, U.S. share broad common interests, cooperation space in climate change: spokesperson
Biden administration asks US negotiator with Taliban to stay on
British PM Johnson heads to Scotland to argue against the breakup of UK
America violated its obligations in the nuclear agreement and the Security Council resolution – Erm News
Mining giant Glencore faces human rights complaint over toxic spill in Chad
Bulgaria’s Vice President Tested Positive for Coronavirus
Disaster Shadows Chinese Mining Ventures in Southeast Asia
Blinken says taking close look at designation of Yemen’s Huthi movement
Israel restores diplomatic mission in Morocco
Global actions delivering electricity for rural households through off-grid renewable energy
Timeline: Ten years from uprising, Yemen lies fractured and hungry
Yemen 'Arab Spring' unity torn asunder by hunger and war
What does the Biden administration suspend arms sales deals to Saudi Arabia and the UAE? – Erm News
In Multiple Messages, Biden Warns Beijing over Expansionism
A breakthrough in Libya, or just too much ado about nothing?
White House says Biden believes Nord Stream 2 pipeline is ‘bad deal’ for Europe
German government, businesses come forward in support of Nord Stream 2
Member states should create 'synergies' between recovery plans, Horizon Europe R&I programme – minister
French Forces Permanently Deployed Outside Europe
Mblidhet Qeveria, këto janë të gjitha vendimet
European Commission defends China trade deal after MEP warning
China and US swap accusations of genocide, but does it make any sense?
COVID-19 'shield' for rule of law violations, for now
Hungarian Wizz Air aims to become the biggest flight company of the Middle East
The Coal Industry: Prospects for the New Decade
Biden takes sweeping measures to curb climate change, vows job creation
Transparency International: '2020 has shown corruption can kill people'
Unique and more essential than ever
US stands with SE Asian countries against China pressure: Blinken
Thursday briefing: Spectre of vaccine 'trade war' between Britain and EU
Witness claims seeing Giulio Regeni in Cairo police station before death
Tensions rise as AstraZeneca, EU spar over vaccine delays | Kathimerini
Biden Administration Reaches out to Southeast Asian Allies
Rand loses momentum against the greenback
Hillary Clinton says QAnon-supporter Rep Majorie Taylor Greene ‘should be on a watch list’ for ‘endorsing Dem executions
Strengthening investment through multilateral cooperation is key in the global economy: Mashat
Saudis and UAE have to wait - Biden froze the F-35 sale
The Algerian Foreign Minister discusses developments in the Libyan political dialogue in Tripoli – Erm News
FilGoal | News | I Football (2) – On Bad Boys Zlatan, Mido, and the Pizza Seller … 60 thousand against me
Might as well face it, we’re addicted to EU funds
Better than thousand men
Pfizer to continue vaccine supply to Italy even if Rome files lawsuit: CEO to paper
‘We’re afraid’: Greek plan to police universities panics students
‘My Antifa Lover’: I read the weirdest Trump-era erotica so you don't have to
Qatar could replace Saudi Arabia as an important ally of the US in the Gulf
2021's 'Doomsday Clock' stuck at 100 seconds until the end of the world
Saudi Arabia ranks 7th globally in internet speed, 5G: Communications minister
Rarporti i Transparency International: Kosova asnjë përparim në luftën kundër korrupsionit
Mubadala's four main business units prepare it for next phase of growth
Receiving an OBE is 'an incredibly proud moment', Mubadala executive says
US president temporarily suspends sale of fighter jets to UAE
Greek-Turkey contacts get NATO’s backing, Vassilis Nedos, Yannis Palaiologos | Kathimerini
Uygurs recount how training centers changed their lives
EU border agency suspends operations in Hungary
Cohesion money 'won't buy our consent,' Greek islands governor says
Will Palestinian elections be held in East Jerusalem?
A Horrifying Chemical Weapons Disaster Spurred the Creation of Chemotherapy
Sterling and Wilson commissions 25 MW solar project in Oman
First Covid, now McKinsey - how austerity hit EU healthcare
Biden's brother promoted relationship with president in ad for Florida law firm: report
Dardan Islami: Partitë politike të mos përzihen në fe
Writing the next chapter of the Abraham Accords
As Syrian regime touts reopening, Iran continues to lurk at Aleppo airport
Drake and Scull: Jordan court files indictment against Khaldoun Tabari
Cash injection: could we cure all disease with a trillion dollars?
Kazakh-Russian coop discussed in Moscow
Renewed US-Russia nuke pact won’t fix emerging arms threats
World COVID-19 cases cross 100m
Amnesty Raps France over Weapons Used against Lebanon Protesters
Singapore teenager arrested for plotting attack on Muslims
Headlines in Iranian English-language dailies on January 28
Dreams of achieving economic diplomacy
US stresses South China Sea support amid China ‘pressure’

A Misleading Dark Money Attack on Ossoff

FactCheck 02.12.2020. 00:48

A Misleading Dark Money Attack on Ossoff

A Republican TV ad falsely suggests that “liberal megadonors” are spending $1 billion in “dark money” to help Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s Senate runoff race. That’s how much multiple experts estimate may be spent on all candidates in both Georgia Senate elections for the entire 2020 campaign c»»»
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