Gulf stocks tumble after the collapse of the OPEC agreement
Protests continue in Serbia against pandemic curbs
The Obama-Medvedev Summit
In a victory for Assad, UNSC approves aid to Syria’s rebel area through only one crossing
Bonfire of red tape and taxes planned by Chancellor Rishi Sunak
Ministers fear China will blitz UK with a devastating online attack
How Chinese handbag seller finds herself at the heart of Establishment
Third well searched by divers for the body of Madeleine McCann
Labour's left-wing battling to introduce £2,500-a-year wealth tax
Dominic Cummings wields axe over Cabinet 'leakers'
CANCELLED: It's happened to news cartoonist and pride parade organiser
Ban 'Cuckoo's Nest' electric shock therapy, patients plead
Defiant Ghislaine Maxwell insists she is not an 'evil villain'
Ex-prosecutors Tolman & Rizer: Romney wrong to attack Trump commutation of Roger Stone prison sentence
Scientists from Wuhan virus lab have 'defected', reveals Steve Bannon
Actors and producers warn of 'reverse racism' in the film industry
Coronavirus: Thousands protest in Israel over handling of economy
To Deter War with China, Defend Guam
Commentary: Objective, coolheaded perceptions of China wise choice for U.S.
Man ‘points a GUN’ at Black Lives Matter protesters after stopping his car near them in middle of protest
Doubts about a laboratory in Wuhan … Is the virus born there?
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Libya’s LNA demands militias not receive oil revenues before opening fields, ports
Nobody should be surprised about China’s bullying tactics over Huawei and 5G — this is not new
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Arab League welcomes resumed oil output in Libya
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Taking back control should include the power to kick out dangerous crooks
An economic empire .. Sheikh Saleh Kamel, who adored Egypt
Labour tax raid ‘would cost hard-working Brits around £2,500 a year’
Russian journalists in shock as FSB hunts enemy within
Poles vote in presidential election that could define EU relations
The SB2C Helldiver Was A Terrible Aircraft, But The Navy Flew It Into War Anyways
Chop in Seattle: Why this police-free protest zone ultimately failed
Besa’s Kasami: We guarantee European future
‘Hardman’ Howard Beckett takes step closer to becoming Unite chief — and thorn in Sir Keir Starmer’s side
The Establishment must admit it got China wrong
Scots NHS urged to ditch Huawei technology for remote working
On fifth attempt, U.N. Security Council renews Syria aid via Turkey
San Francisco tech CEO steps down from company, enrolls in 'anti-racist program' after tirade against Asian family
Hong Kong security law: Why we are taking our BNOs and leaving
The Football Association clarifies the fate of the Egyptian league .. and the fact of its cancellation
Al-Wefaq militia torments Egyptians … Interior Minister vows to investigate
Andrew McCarthy: Dems attacking Trump for Roger Stone clemency defended outrageous Clinton and Obama pardons
Minister of Transport responds to the increase in train prices on August 6 (video)
The Libyan army sets conditions for opening oil fields and ports
Thousands call on Bulgarian government to resign in anti-graft protests
Thousands join anti-government protest in Serbian capital
Past prejudices form Europe's opinion on Turkey: Kalin
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg calls for laws to control “harmful content” on the Internet
US ‘disappointed’ by Turkey mosque move on Hagia Sophia
Ghislaine Maxwell moved house 36 TIMES in a year before FBI arrested her – and Covid face mask helped her stay hidden
After describing his administration to the Tunisian parliament as “catastrophic” … mounting calls to withdraw confidence from Ghannouchi
Zaev: VMRO-DPMNE can learn from us about real patriotism
Boukadoum reaffirms Algeria's rejection of all foreign interference in Libya
HPC marks World Population Day with call to safeguard health, rights of women, girls
Stocks advance on hopes for virus treatment, EU deal
We face famine or virus: Syria’s displaced alarmed at aid impasse
Sovereign creditors must not rewrite the rules during the pandemic
The case for COVID-19 antibody therapies
What will COVID-19 do to banking?
UN fails to find consensus after Russia, China veto on Syrian aid
Watch … a survivor of the Khobar bombing 24 years ago narrates moments of terror
The Middle East Council of Churches: Erdogan’s decision regarding the Hagia Sophia is invoked
Video The foreign minister reveals the deadline for the dam negotiations
Sisi gives the signal to start the exit of the martyr Ahmed Hamdi 2 tunnel digging machine (video)
Are we psychologically prepared to deal with the concerns that Corona raises? | Culture and Society Societal issues from the depth of Germany and the
I can exclusively reveal that wearing a face mask has not shrunk my manhood
Bosnia Muslims mourn their dead 25 years after Srebrenica massacre
Russia, China block latest UN Security Council attempt to extend Syria cross-border aid program
Briefing of KUNA main news for Friday until 00:00 GMT
Saudi Arabia stands by families of Srebrenica victims: Minister
Turkey demands the Libyan army to withdraw from the cities of Sirte and Jafra
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Nissan unveils transformation plan to prioritize sustainable growth

Saudi Gazette 30.05. 16:48

Nissan unveils transformation plan to prioritize sustainable growth

YOKOHAMA — Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Saturday unveiled a four-year plan to achieve sustainable growth, financial stability, and profitability by the end of fiscal-year 2023. The scalable plan, involving cost-rationalization and business optimization, will shift the company’s strategy from its past foc»»»
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