Turkey replaces destroyed air defenses at Libyan base with Ukrainian system: report
Libya and US investigate suspected gold for cash trade between Venezuela and Haftar: Report
Middle East Airlines-Air Liban receives first A321neo
Russia’s Blue Stream gas pipeline to Turkey idle since May – sources
Judge awards $879 million from Iran to Khobar Towers bombing victims, familiesRelated NewsComments.
Lebanon ‘spiralling out of control,’ says UN rights chief
Weekly schedule of President Charles Michel
Parliament Speaker Xhaferi meets new German Ambassador Holstein
EC: North Macedonia continues to meet visa liberalization requirements
Easing of COVID-19 measures boosts economic activity as Istanbul sees rapid launch of new companies
Turkey-UK trade deal almost ready, top diplomat says
Map shows coronavirus rate in quarantine-free countries Brits can travel to on holiday from today
MP who backed Delia in no-confidence vote to support Comodini Cachia as opposition leader
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Serbia, Kosovo renew 'very difficult' talks led by Macron, Merkel
Realism in the Arctic
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Russia skeptical about nuclear pact extension prospects
France admits political support for Haftar, denies military backup
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'I Am Willing to Make Basha Part of the Victory'
WHO's Covid-19 inquiry is a shrewd move in a sea of disinformation
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Dozens of charter flights with British tourists to arrive in Turkey as of July 15
FETÖ-linked judge sought with Red Notice detained in Ankara
Some municipalities to drop use of fireworks after deadly blasts
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UNESCO warns Turkey against Hagia Sophia mosque conversion
US to deliver 5 Apache choppers to India amid heightened tensions with China
Michel proposal offers Council more control over rule of law conditionality
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Trump heads to Florida amid state's dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases
Top U.S. general on Russian bounty reports: 'If it's true we will take action'
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Pompeo hits ‘spurious’ UN report that claims Soleimani's killing was unlawful
EXCLUSIVE: Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up, flees Hong Kong: 'I know how they treat whistleblowers'
Prosecutor-General Accuses President Radev of Exerting Pressure on Prosecution Service
US court orders Iran to pay $879 million to 1996 Khobar bombing survivors
Cebu Pacific to resume Dubai-Manila flights from July 12
Top Turkey court revokes Hagia Sophia’s museum status, paving way for mosque
Watch: UN security removes Iranian ambassador's photo of Qassem Soleimani
Hagia Sophia ‘Symbol of Conquest’ awaits key ruling
Nisma e hidhëruar me Ramush Haradinajn që e joshi Haxhi Shalën për të shkuar në AAK
Turkey’s top administrative court repeals 1934 decree turning Hagia Sophia into museum
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UN moots creation of possible demilitarized zone in Libya
Sudan’s infamous Janjaweed militia ‘robbing and attacking’ Libyans as it fights alongside Haftar
Focus Bankruptcies:
Shoukry: We will not tolerate any threat in Libya
Depp 'threw a phone' at 'Amber Turd' because she 'defecated' in bed
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What do we know about the “Trump drug” that Egypt warned and suspended health?
“Erdogan paper” .. UNESCO warns of a change in the status of Hagia Sophia
A mercenary air bridge between Turkey and Libya … A plane lands in Misurata
Billions of dollars in losses .. Corona raises global markets panic
Pakistan initiates global cooperation as locust threat surges
UK discreetly called Saudi Arabia in support after imposing Khashoggi sanctions
'It's a bit boring': tourists and locals struggle with Mallorca's new normal
Wall Street set to fall as COVID-19 case tally hits another record
AliExpress Russia eyes $10 billion turnover by 2022-2023, up an estimated 66%
Video .. A shell from Diang hijacks the hearts of Al-Ahlawyah in front of Zamalek
Nadia Lutfi’s tragedy .. Artists and writers died in her hands, and she was afflicted with a “psychological complexion”
Libya's Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh Issa arrives in Geneva for ceasefire talks
Ankara, London ‘very close’ to free trade deal, foreign minister says

Deroy Murdock: In impeachment inquiry, Democrats ignore Ukrainian denials of pressure by Trump

Fox News 19.11.2019. 22:09

Deroy Murdock: In impeachment inquiry, Democrats ignore Ukrainian denials of pressure by Trump

closeVideoIf President Trump were facing impeachment on suspicion of grand theft auto, it would be compelling and exculpatory if his alleged victim sped to Capitol Hill, jumped out of his car, and told astonished House Democrats and journalists: “President Trump did not steal my wheels. My Ferrari »»»
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