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Stephen Lawrence's father Neville says he 'can't accept' case closure
Lebanese ministers to be interrogated by prosecutors over Beirut blast
Egyptian actor, director Sanaa Shafaa dies at 77
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Caterers echo call to curb food waste
Pompeo says China is a greater threat to the globe than Russia was during the Cold War
Connecting development banks for tomorrow
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Your three-minute digest
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Saudi Arabian King Salman arrives in NEOM for rest and relaxation: state news agency
Airbus expects EU to respond to U.S. tariffs in aircraft subsidy dispute
NMC Health $275 mln rescue financing faces hurdles from some creditors
New Delhi accused of ‘hate-mongering’ over virus

New Police Unit Can Intercept Citizens Communications Without Court Order

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New Police Unit Can Intercept Citizens Communications Without Court Order

Under the new “anti-corruption” law introduced by the Albanian government, the police, under the de facto control of Prime Minister Edi Rama will be able to intercept any individuals communications for three to six months without a court order. All telephone and internet communications will be able»»»
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