Dutch mink cull starts as coronavirus spreads to 10th farm
'We Have Not Forgotten Promise for Emigrants Voting'
What drives Turkey’s growing influence in Africa?
Poland’s ruling party hits a sour note
Turkish-backed forces begin battle for Sirte, launch 'Operation Path of Victory'
'I am burning': Afghans condemn Iranian police after refugees die in car blaze
Al-Qaeda leader killed in French raid in Mali
Protesters Flock into Martyr’s Square as Demos Gain Momentum
No European leader is safe as public lose faith in coronavirus responses
GNA seizes Tarhouna without fighting after LNA withdraws
Washington presses Saudi Arabia, UAE to end Qatar’s isolation benefiting Iran
Anti-Trump GOP group targets president over coronavirus
US "Caesar Act" clear economic terrorism against the Syrian people
Air Malta starts sales for its Safe Corridor Summer 2020 schedule
Pandemic production: when design is a matter of life or death
'Food will be a by-product': the Irish farmers creating nature-friendly fields
Buses, vans begin to arrive at Martyrs Square
Facebook removes nearly 200 accounts tied to hate groups
Turkish drone destroys Russian-made air defense system in Libya: video
Kadri Veseli: Mirë bëri që Qeveria e mashtrimit hoqi reciprocitetin
NGO requests revision of magisterial inquiry into migrants’ death
What is antifa and why is Donald Trump targeting it?
Sharara oilfield to reopen soon, official says
Mayor inaugurates 'Black Lives Matter Plaza' in DC with giant yellow letters
Biden formally clinches Democratic presidential nomination
Infantry: When Cheaper Is Better
Could COVID-19 Trigger a European Banking Crisis?
Qatar reaffirms readiness to work to resolve Gulf crisis through unconditional dialogue
Ahmeti’s “Albanian PM” comment stirs reactions from political parties
Police Attacks on Protesters Are Rooted in a Violent Ideology of Reactionary Grievance
French forces kill leader of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb: Report
Factbox: Latest on the worldwide spread of the coronavirus
New “Hungarian” initiative: you can choose your neighbours in this flat
Kosovo Speaker of Parliament Slams Government for Removing Reciprocity Measures with Serbia
Masdar's innovations support government's food security strategy
SA family’s quarantine horror in Hong Kong
Amazon’s New Competitive Advantage: Putting Its Own Products First
Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. Were Close to Being Charged With Felony Fraud
France: Top Al Qaida leader killed in Mali, Africa
Explosion in violence as gangs ‘excited’ to cause carnage on Birmingham streets after weeks of Insta lockdown taunts
US military releases video of Russian MiG-29 jet heading to Libya
Prevention of cannabis cultivation/Police patrol remote areas in Tropoja, Kukes and Has with drones
Turkey’s actions in EastMed in accord with international law, defense minister says
Vjosa Osmani reagon ashpër pasi Avdullah Hoti shfuqizoi vendimet e Kurtit për reciprocitet
Turkey is preparing to square off against Syrian, Russian forces in Idlib: media
NYT: “Donald Trump Is Our National Catastrophe”
Saudi Arabia’s Qasr Al Hokm parks — rendezvous with history
Morocco To Represent Africa in UN Food Summit Advisory Committee
Indian Newspaper Slams Blackout Imposed by Polisario and Algeria on COVID-19 Situation in Tindouf Camps
Polisario is Increasingly Isolated Despite Support of Algerian Mentor, Argentine News Agency
Has the pandemic worsened OCD and anxiety disorders?
Delta to pause flights to 11 cities in reminder of US weakness
PN joins call for Ali Sadr Hasheminejad extradition to Malta
Kazakh police detain dozens of anti-government protesters
Libyan Army takes full control of Bani Walid and Urban without a battle
Hamada oil valve reopened
Abu Sahmain applauds liberation of Tarhuna, calls for emergency budget to assist war-affected
Iraq hurtling towards a financial crisis that could leave millions unpaid
Reagon Vetëvendosje pas vendimit të Qeverisë Hoti për reciprocitetin
I’ve been ill for months, but I still don't know if it is Covid-19
Charged with Rape, Police Chief Removed from Duty
Turkish forces bombed Libyan Army as they were retreating: LNA
Biden clinches Democratic nomination for 2020 race against Trump
Amir holds phone conversation with Cypriot President
Rheinmetall and Lockheed Martin join forces in bid to win Canadian Army Land Vehicle Crew Training System program

FACTBOX-Latest on spread of coronavirus around the world

TAP 04.04. 11:01

FACTBOX-Latest on spread of coronavirus around the world

(TAP) - Global cases of the new coronavirus have shot past 1 million with more than 54,000 fatalities, a Reuters tally showed on Friday, as death tolls soared in the United States and western Europe while the world economy nosedived. DEATHS AND INFECTIONS * Reported cases have surpassed 1.03 millio»»»

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