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UNIQA's 9-mo pre-tax profit in Bosnia rises 57% y/y
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انقرة تعتزم سحب جنسية فتح الله جولن التركية - قناة العالم الاخبارية
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EU Running Scared from Fascism, Says Kosovo's Likely New PM

Albanian Daily News 21.10. 16:21

EU Running Scared from Fascism, Says Kosovo's Likely New PM

Albin Kurti, leader of the Self-determination party, in front of an Albanian flag. Photograph: Visar Kryeziu/AP The leftwinger set to become Kosovo's surprise new prime minister has condemned the EU's decision to halt further Balkans enlargement, saying it showed western leaders had forgotten the l»»»
The Guardian 21.10. 08:06

'The EU is running scared from fascism' – Kosovo's likely new PM

The leftwinger set to become Kosovo’s surprise new prime minister has condemned the EU’s decision to halt further Balkans enlargement, saying it showed western leaders had forgotten the lessons of two world wars and instead were in retreat in the face of fascism and populism. Albin Kurti said the s»»»
You can read more about this at Osservatorio Italiano

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