Egypt accepts invitation to meet in U.S. over Ethiopia dam dispute
Singapore plans tree-planting bonanza to battle climate change
Briefing of KUNA main news for Tuesday until 00:00 GMT
Chinese tycoon claims persecution by ‘dark forces of Australian deep state’
Global growth remains weak due to economic tensions: World Bank
Taliban say new intra-Afghan peace talks to be held in China
Spotlight: China's absence from global space conference due to "visa problem" causes concern
Plan approved to establish Institute of Traditional Arts in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia to host OIC event on water
Al Jazeera spends more than $500,000 defending itself against attacks
Candace Owens slams Meghan Markle and Harry for ‘using African kids as a backdrop’ to moan about their privileged lives
Newlywed couple’s horrific wounds after they were ambushed by 12-strong estate gang armed with machetes and an AXE
Don’t believe rancid Remainers’ lies – they have no motives to ‘scrutinise’ Boris Johnson’s new deal
We’re sick of the grumps in Parliament – when will they realise all we want is Brexit hope?
Natgas giant CEO on court battle with Gazprom
Mitch McConnell Contradicts Trump's Claim They Spoke About His Ukraine Call
Putin opens arms to Africa in quest for trade and clout
Hundreds of cyber attacks tacked by UK security teams in just one year
As Australia frets about Chinese influence, local officials tout Belt and Road Initiative
Former aide to late Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang pays his final respects
U.S. envoy says things 'better' in Syria as lawmakers criticize Trump policies
Diplomat Bill Taylor testifies Trump used Ukraine aid, White House meeting as leverage to get investigations
Turkey would not have invaded Syria if American troops stayed, says US military's former top officer
US faces new facts on the ground as cease-fire expires
Nevada camping ban not the answer to homeless 'crisis,' experts say
Champions League: Raheem Sterling hits hat-trick as Manchester City thrash Atalanta
Trump’s Error-filled Cabinet Meeting
Carrie Lam’s policy address is more proof she must resign
Canada's Right-Wing Populist, Anti-Immigrant Party Got Crushed
ماذا اقترح الأسد على بوتين بشأن الحدود مع تركيا؟ - قناة العالم الاخبارية
EU moves towards Brexit delay as PM Johnson seeks election to break impasse
Trump's special representative to Syria says US withdrawal did not prompt invasion by Turkey
Doha to kick off Diamond League season on April 17
Doha gears up to host final meet of FINA World Cup
The teens firing up the increasingly violent Hong Kong protest movement
Aykan Erdemir: Trump can get both Turkish and Kurdish support in Syria by negotiating peace deal
David Bossie: Impeachment, Adam Schiff, 2020 and the Clintons – So many questions (and still no answers)
Erdogan discusses Syria’s invasion with Putin, Tusk calls on Turkey to pull out troops
Putin, Erdogan nail down Syria deal
Russia defense minister: 500 militants have escaped in Syria
China confident of reaching investment deal with EU: FM
New map of northern Syria after agreement on Turkish border region
Why China’s NetEase slashed the price of its online education listing
US may keep some troops in Syria to 'guard oilfields'
Turkey, Russia both claim win in Syria agreement
Mannai Trading Company wins best Printing Partner Award from Ricoh International
RUGENE: Data on rural woman’s control of land paints a dismal
Lebanon struggles to restore normality amid protests
Saudi Arabia’s Al-Jubeir meets senior French officials, tours Al-Ula exhibition
Prince Harry needs a break – and he needs to break this narrative of self-pity
Assad savages ‘thief’ Erdogan and vows to retake whole of Syria as Putin backs Turkey invasion
EU's Tusk says he will recommend Brexit extension to avoid no-deal
US troops exiting Syria to stay ‘temporarily’ in Iraq: Pentagon chief
Ankara accuses Tehran of betrayal: Is the alliance of convenience collapsing?
Saudi startups join regional accelerator to boost social impact
Penny Appeal launches helpline for Muslim youth in UK
Khama family, Botswana political royalty, faces election setback
Chengdu overtakes Shenzhen as China’s best performing economy: report
China growth goes west on the back of regional rail spending
Cold Snap Prompts Cries Of Foul Play At Afghan Election Center
EU chief consulting leaders on Brexit extension
Saudi Cabinet calls to make region free of nuclear arms
No gender segregation at Saudi municipal council meetings
Lebanon's historic rebellion faces its moment of reckoning
Sisi's brutal crackdown continues, aided by western accomplices

Gutfeld on Trump's new asylum rules

Fox News 19.07. 01:30

Gutfeld on Trump's new asylum rules

closeVideoAnother story lost in the media “racist” frenzy: President Trump introduced a plan to tighten asylum rules at the southern border. Boiled down: With some exceptions, migrants who pass through another country first must seek asylum there rather than at our border. So, basically, you can't »»»
El Balad 20.06. 17:27

Germany's Merkel hopes for ambitious EU goal to cut carbon emissions

Germany will push for an ambitious goal of making the European Union economy neutral in terms of carbon emissions by 2050 at the EU summit on Thursday، German Chancellor Angela Merkel said، according to Reuters.“I hope that the ambitious plans for climate protection become reality، which means all »»»

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