Zimbabwe’s white farmers angered by ‘racist’ edict
German city introduces face masks for shoppers as corona cases rise
New permanent secretary of Somali FM takes over
China manufacturing rebound provides sign of post-coronavirus hope
Former Syrian vice-president Khaddam dies in exile
Lebanon: Upcoming Appointments Instigate Sharp Debate
Gazprom says Bovanenkovo airport partially reopens
Exiled Pakistani journalist goes missing in Sweden
Baikonur prepares for Soyuz-2.1a carrier rocket launch
Montenegro Govt Accused of Flouting Constitution amid CrisisGrants & Opportunities
Dubai to Inject Fresh Capital in Emirates Airline
World stocks rally after Chinese data boost to close worst quarter since 2008
Cops were warned a WEEK ago not to be heavy-handed in coronavirus lockdown – but still are ‘over-zealous’
Coronavirus Cases Surge to 243 in Albania
How Israel sells its weapons to the world
COVID-19 crisis: Any further delay is dangerous
China to focus on Asymptomatic coronavirus cases as public fears grow
Coronavirus: Love knows no borders for elderly couple
Authorities Looking into Suicide of Mentally Ill Man Detained for Stealing €10
Imperative to treat fall armyworm
How World War II was portrayed in movies in Russia and the U.S.
'We are only at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis,' says economic historian
Trump says COVID-19 guidelines may get tougher; 1 million Americans testedRelated NewsComments.
EU launches Operation IRINI to enforce Libya arms embargo
Tripoli-based HoR: Haftar prevents access of medical aid to areas under their power
UAE must lead online learning in Middle East
Differences melt as Chinese support arrives in Western capitals
Coronavirus: Thermal drones monitor body temperatures in Saudi Arabia’s Medina
China: Plague Propaganda Perishes
Iran’s ambassador thanks Turkey for coronavirus aid
Iraqi prime minister-designate faces challenges in gaining political support
Inquiry Committee for Dismissal of President to Meet Online
Armenian ombudsman decries government-proposed bill offering to track contacts using cell phone data
Artsakh MFA: Ankara’s stance obviously contradicts the position of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmen
EU states urged to share sick patients
Oil prices edge higher as Trump-Putin call raises truce hopes
Without solidarity between members, the eurozone won't survive coronavirus | David Adler and Jerome Roos
Coronavirus-hit carmakers urge EU to pull legislative handbrake
Police condemn mosque video as fake news
FGS directs closure of religious schools to curb Covid-19 spread
Winning Edge: Meet the Forgotten Board Game Used by the U.S. Army
Make-up free Ivanka Trump urges followers to ‘stay home’ and says America ‘shows her strength in the toughest of times’
Xi stresses ecological protection in Zhejiang tour
Extra powers for government - Budapest Times
Turkey's chambers, exchanges to support SMEs with up to 100 bln lira (13.78 bln euro) loans - report
N. Macedonia to ask EC to repurpose IPA funds to deal with coronavirus crisis
Mideast Stocks: Most major Gulf markets extend losses; banks boost Saudi
Turkey's new hospital opens doors for COVID-19 patients
Reuters 41m

Ad giant WPP pulls dividend, buyback and outlook as clients cut spending

LONDON (Reuters) - The world’s biggest advertising company WPP (WPP.L) has pulled its dividend and share buyback and withdrawn its 2020 guidance after the coronavirus pandemic sparked the most uncertain time in its 35-year history. The owner of the Ogilvy, Grey and Hill+Knowlton agencies said its a»»»
Arab Times 17h

Letters to the Editor from Italians – II

Arab Times will be publishing a series of letters sent by Italian nationals from Gulf countries Letters toSattam Al-JarallahEditor-in-Chief The Arab Times and Al-Seyassah Online Media We are living in Kuwait since 2008, our kids were born at Al-Sabah hospital and their first pronounced words were M»»»

Dailynews Hungary 21h

Coronavirus – How to work from home without burning out

During the time of the global coronavirus pandemic, the most effective thing everyone can do is stay at home and maintain self-quarantine and social distancing. This is not as easy as we might at first think and can lead to burnout, stress, and depression. Here are ten ways to avoid these symptoms.»»»
Al Monitor 22h

Why Israeli, Palestinian religious leaders ignore coronavirus threat

Epidemics, like other natural disasters, have generated real headaches for religious leaders through history. Especially for the three monotheistic religions, where the concept of a one-only-God prevents believers from putting the blame on bad gods or on the devil. The priests, the rabbis and the i»»»
The Sun 22h

Is a headache a symptom of coronavirus?

CORONAVIRUS symptoms vary from case to case but generally we are being told to look out for "flu-like symptoms". So does that include a headache and should you be worried if you develop one? Yes, but it is relatively rare. Around one in ten people who were diagnosed with coronavirus reported that t»»»
The Warsaw Voice 23h

Deputy PM on economic crisis

Jaroslaw Gowin The Polish government might have to rejig debt cautionary thresholds in the light of unprecedented "economic disaster" caused by coronavirus epidemic and will have to rethink future social policies, deputy PM Jaroslaw Gowin told gazeta. pl in an interview. "It might turn out that we »»»

MIA 23h

Deep recession unavoidable due to coronavirus, German ‘wise men’ say

A deep recession in Germany is unavoidable due to the massive consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, a group of economic experts that advises the government said Monday. 30 March 2020 (dpa/MIA) — A deep recession in Germany is unavoidable due to the massive consequences of the coronavirus outbre»»»
Fox News 23h

Paul Batura: Children's coronavirus fears – this is what I told my sons the times demand

closeVideoGet all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. After a day of typical boyhood battles in our home – fights over Legos, tears and tussles from chronic sibling rivalries – including arguments over who got more, who started it and who wouldn’t st»»»
The Peninsula 30.03. 08:09

QPO's video lifts people’s spirits amid COVID-19

Following a well-received video on social media several days ago, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) has uploaded a new video of the musicians’ rehearsals shot from their own homes, lifting people’s spirits while encouraging them to stay indoors. The video of the musicians’ stirring performance of »»»
Gulf News 30.03. 07:03

COVID-19: What social distancing looked like in 1666

A lot of English people believed 1666 would be the year of the apocalypse. You can't really blame them. In late spring 1665, bubonic plague began to eat away at London's population. By fall, roughly 7,000 people were dying every week in the city. The plague lasted through most of 1666, ultimately k»»»
Daily Mail 29.03. 12:20

NHS doctor reveals how she's being forced to play God

Last week, in a devastating dispatch, one terror-struck doctor at a major London hospital told how she was forced to watch helplessly as patients died in agony. Now, in a chilling new account, she reveals how medics are at breaking point as they face a tsunami of new coronavirus patients and crippl»»»
The Malta Independent 29.03. 07:29

Six things you can do to cope with boredom at a time of social distancing

More and more of us are staying home in an attempt to slow down the spreading coronavirus. But being stuck at home can lead to boredom. Boredom is a signal that we're not meaningfully engaged with the world. It tells us to stop what we're doing, and do it better – or to do something else. But, as a»»»
Daily Nation 29.03. 03:15

MSHINDI: Pandemic forcing us to think and act differently

It is not the best way of being forced to dropping a bad habit, but the Covid-19 pandemic seems to have achieved an incredible feat in Kenya – stopped the endless political foolishness that the country’s politicians stage every day of the week in parliament, churches and at funerals. In its place w»»»
The Guardian 28.03. 22:31

Troubled WeWork is in no condition to withstand coronavirus

Even before coronavirus struck, WeWork had established itself as a cautionary exemplar of the 21st-century economy: how dreams of being an iconoclastic “disruptor” can turn to dust. The shared-office space company was forced to abandon a $20bn float last September after investors balked at the ecce»»»
Malta Today 27.03. 09:40

Government in talks to secure low interest bank finance for companies

Low interest rates on bank loans for companies unaffected by government’s aid package may be on the horizon, Clayton Bartolo said. The Financial Services Parliamentary Secretary said talks were underway between the Malta Development Bank and private banks to see how the government’s guarantees can »»»

Al Arabiya 27.03. 08:45

Coronavirus: Cheap antibody test to be released June if successful: UK company

A British company behind a 10-minute coronavirus antibody test, which will cost about a $1, has begun sending prototypes to laboratories for validation, which could be a game-changer in the fight against the pandemic. Health technology firm Mologic, which created one of the first at-home pregnancy »»»
The Gulf Times 27.03. 08:17

CNN Anchor Shreds Trump's Trade Adviser Over Coronavirus Response: 'You're Wasting Everyone's Time!'

CNN Anchor Shreds Trump\'s Trade Adviser Over Coronavirus Response: \'You\'re Wasting Everyone\'s Time!\' White House trade adviser Peter Navarro found himself on the receiving end of a verbal buzzsaw Thursday afternoon when CNN anchor Brianna Keilar relentlessly grilled him on the administration's»»»

Премьер-министр Республики Армения 27.03. 05:19

Government approves comprehensive action plan to counter coronavirus impact and offset its economic consequences

A Cabinet meeting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, like many other countries, Armenia has restricted, or in some cases, even suspended the activities of a number of business entities. To provide maximum support to bu»»»

BBC 27.03. 02:50

Coronavirus: A college course world wants to study right now

With a third of the global population living under lockdown, many are turning to science for the answers on how to be happy in these difficult times. By the evening of 26 March, 1.3 million people were enrolled in a Yale University online course entitled: The Science of Well Being. Studying happine»»»
China Daily 27.03. 02:35

US teacher 'sick and tired' of anti-China statements

Editor's note: In this new series, we share stories and experiences showing how expats are dealing with the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. It's not a good time to point fingers during a pandemic. Instead, the world should work together to combat the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, acco»»»

CNN 21.03. 21:06

People are curbing their stay-at-home anxiety the analog way: With puzzles

(CNN)As the one-two combination of home quarantine and coronavirus anxiety takes its toll on millions of Americans, the hunt is on for new ways to pass the time. (After all, there's only so much Netflix a person can watch.) People sharing their quarantine routines online seem to be fascinated by a »»»
ProPublica 21.03. 11:03

A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — Even in His Young Patients

“It first struck me how different it was when I saw my first coronavirus patient go bad. I was like, Holy shit, this is not the flu. Watching this relatively young guy, gasping for air, pink frothy secretions coming out of his tube.” As of Friday, Louisiana was reporting 479 confirmed cases of COVI»»»
The National Interest 20.03. 22:11

Forget A Bailout: Repealing This Act Could Save The Cruise Industry From Coronavirus

As the coronavirus produces gaping holes in the balance sheets of companies throughout the economy, President Trump has given numerous indications that he considers the cruise industry a prime candidate for a federal bailout. With many of the world’s major cruise lines headquartered in electorally‐»»»
TMV 19.03. 21:11

Deputy Prime Minister not amused by those who bragged about their travel escapades on Facebook

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne had stern words for a handful of workers in the health sector who had bragged about travelling at a time when travel was not recommended because of the Coronavirus. Interviewed on the program Dissett about community anger sparked by profess»»»
Jordan Times 19.03. 14:06

A test and an opportunity

The coronavirus, COVID 19, is a real threat both globally and nationally, but it is also a test and an opportunity. We do not know everything yet about this nasty virus, but the little we know so far calls upon all of us to give the matter utmost seriousness, and follow governmental instructions to»»»

The Times 17.03. 01:53

Governments need to raise their game to stop vicious cycle of recession

As Covid-19 spreads, the question has quickly shifted from will there be a global recession to how bad will it be? Short and shallow? Or deep and prolonged?The US central bank has decided that that question is too difficult to answer so it has suspended regular economic forecasts until June. While »»»
Kuwait Times 16.03. 21:37

Cafe workers

Muna Al-Fuzai By Muna Al-Fuzai It is unfortunate that in every global crisis, there are many victims who have done nothing wrong except that they were the weakest link in the chain. This article is about cafe workers in Kuwait and the impact of the country’s new regulations on their work and on bus»»»

PRP Channel 15.03. 12:10

Mask scandal: "After the storm, please, Government at home" - PRP Channel

(by John Blackeye) "After the storm, please, Government at home." Almost two months have passed since Italy entered the height of the emergency. The epidemic will pass as all epidemics in history have passed but to date we are counting two hundred deaths a day and we hope that the number tends to d»»»
Nine O' Clock 13.03. 19:25

Ludovic Orban, designated Prime Minister following Iohannis’s consultations with parliamentary parties via teleconference

Following Florin Citu’s resignation as Prime Minister-designate on Thursday prior to the plenary meeting of Parliament, which was supposed to cast a vote of confidence for his Cabinet, President Klaus Iohannis announced on Friday that he designated Ludovic Orban as prime minister. It is for the thi»»»
Al Ahram 12.03. 20:26

Coronavirus and media literacy

The worldwide panic over the spread of coronavirus is of an unprecedented magnitude, made possible by the proliferation of social media and “fake news”, as well as by a mass media that contributes to the dissemination of news in alarmist and sensationalist ways, often in order to increase profits. »»»

The Barents Observer 12.03. 19:40

Norway’s krone plummeting to new low, stock market down 9%

Coronavirus and a sharp dip in oil price are earth quaking the Norwegian economy. Thursday became all time bad. By Norwegian economic indicators are following the oil price that plunged earlier this week down more than 25%. A barrel of oil dipped under $33 on Thursday. The krone followed and for th»»»
Al Araby 10.03. 20:21

Coronavirus 'inching closer' to dual national political inmates at Iranian prison

Concerns about coronavirus at an Iranian prison holding dual national political prisoners have intensified since the authorities agreed to release a small number of inmates who are being held there. On Wednesday, the Iranian judiciary, "in view of the current conditions", delivered a directive allo»»»
Arab News 28.02. 16:55

Pakistani Umrah pilgrims affected by temporary ban to be compensated

ISLAMABAD: All Pakistani Umrah pilgrims affected by the temporary travel ban to the Kingdom due to the threat of coronavirus will be compensated, the Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki said on Friday. “Pakistani Umrah pilgrims who had to travel to Saudi Arabia during the dates of »»»
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