Taiwan begins building first domestically produced submarines
Biden gets emotional in first interview since win
Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fears of ethnic profiling stalk conflict
Tripoli to get 10 New Airbus Helicopters
Biden unveils national security team and vows change from Trump era
HK's political eco-system rightly undergoing reconstruction
New Brunswick outbreak: How a smalltown doctor became a Covid pariah
Afghan donor conference pledges $12B over 4 years
Tigray: ‘at least 600 civilians killed’ in early November massacre
Crucial battle that could topple Republicans
Vaccines offer glimmers of hope as world plans for future
No-deal Brexit would inflict more damage than disease
Biden pick Tony Blinken recalls stepfather's story surviving Holocaust
Covid doldrums - Worst yet to come as people suffer behind closed doors
Takeoff: Why Six Russian Su-57 Stealth Figthers Went Airborne All at Once
Pompeo fires back at 'dead wrong' Mattis criticism of 'America First' foreign policy
President-elect Biden to receive US intelligence briefings
Don't let 'burn together' gang abuse Hong Kong anymore
Biden Announces Nominees for Key Positions in His Cabinet
Placement of trans woman in men’s prison inhumane, unlawful: Activists
TIKA distributes food items to Rohingya refugees
US presidential election: Biden announces the names of some of the candidates for the “Facing Challenges with New Thinking” management
Talks ‘got us nowhere’: Iran’s supreme leader casts doubt on future negotiations
Biden's aim to restore U.S. leadership could be tall order in a changed world
Azerbaijani leader slams Western pro-Armenian states
Pakistan denies reports on recognition of Israel
What do Biden cabinet nominees mean for US Middle East policy?
Future of children's schooling addressed
With Ethiopia on brink of escalation, diplomacy in doubt
Putin’s mobster regime is running out of time
Trump was right to deliver Nato wake-up call, says German minister
Car industry ‘faces £55bn loss’ under no-deal Brexit
Vaccine hopes fire up oil and tarnish gold
Algeria to get 14 Su-57 fighters from Russia
Senior Biden staffer called Palestinian suicide bombings ‘the last resort of a desperate people’
Shared ambitions
Saying 'America is back,' Biden presents security and foreign policy team
Crude oil quality divides a puzzled market
Changing face of racial land ownership in South Africa
Chinese company in a major property project in Laos
Kuwait FM underlines Kuwait-US strategic dialogue
Kuwait fund, US aid agency sign MoU
Morocco FM: Inter-Libyan consultations most effective way to achieve stability
EU says Israel must abandon West Bank annexation plan to give peace chance
Lugano attack: Two hurt in suspected terror incident in Switzerland
E-commerce surges in Southeast Asia
E-payment options on the rise as pandemic triggers fears
Trump Supporters Want to Boycott the Georgia Runoffs. How Genuine Is That Threat?
Trump campaign says Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan to hold public hearings on 2020 election
Pragmatism can help Australia improve relations with China
Gutfeld on the media’s treatment of Biden’s Cabinet
Turkey's Erdogan preparing for worst during 4 years of US incoming president Biden
Pompeo says U.S. State Department transition process begun
Analysis: Shocked by sacred sites blast, investors press mining firms to revamp heritage oversight
Elon Musk passes Bill Gates on rich list, but lags in philanthropy
Heavy rains and winds in 20 regions of the republic tomorrow … an air depression hits the country within hours
Australia's entire SAS regiment must be disbanded after Brereton report, expert says
Cotton slams Obama-Biden 'A-Team' for past foreign policy failures
Foreign aid to Afghanistan could reach $12 billion over four years, some with conditions
US set to designate Iran-backed Houthi militia as terrorist organization
Li: Nation to maintain proactive fiscal policy
Houthi attacks target backbone of global economy: Saudi Cabinet
Child rights and relevant policies during COVID-19 pandemic under debate
Biden to begin receiving President's Daily Brief as transition is formally underway
Internally displaced Afghans look to foreign donors for help
Rep. Tlaib accused of anti-Semitism for comments on Biden pick
Dow hits 30,000-point record high as markets welcome Joe Biden transition
Indonesia allocates $1 million to global coalition for COVID-19 vaccine
Podemos Calls for Sahara Referendum Anger Spain’s Foreign Ministry
Economic boost tipped after UAE company ‘game-changer’
Saudi Arabia reiterates support for security and stability in Afghanistan
Was Priti Patel a bully, or is it just a word lazy gits use to dodge criticism?
Heir to $5 billion fortune John Gilbert Getty dead at 52 in hotel
Rima Dudin: The first woman of Arab descent to be appointed deputy director of legislative affairs at the White House
With clock ticking, many fear a Trump military move against Iran
HRW calls on Saudi Arabia to reveal status of detained Uighurs

Bolivia's interim president, high-ranking Venezuelan leader test positive for coronavirus

Fox News 10.07. 03:53

Bolivia's interim president, high-ranking Venezuelan leader test positive for coronavirus

closeVideoBolivia's interim president and Venezuela's No. 2 leader announced Thursday that they have been infected with the new coronavirus, just days after Brazil's leader tested positive as the pandemic hits hard at some of Latin America's political elite. Three Cabinet ministers in the administr»»»
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