In One Year, Ukraine’s Air Force Suffered Bigger Losses Than Syria or Iraq
Hungary must find own vaccine resources
New elections in Iraq: from chaos to bloody civil protests
Baghdad blast: UAE condemns attack as death toll reaches 32
New president, new challenges, new opportunities
Trump impeachment: Republicans seek delay until February
Covid: What we know about India's coronavirus vaccines
Does the government intend not to complete the study this year due to Corona? The Minister of Education answers
National Guard 'forced to sleep in parking lot' after inauguration
The secret of Oprah Winfrey cries when the US Vice President takes the constitutional oath
Sisi and Macron reject foreign interference in Libya
UAE registers Russian “Sputnik” vaccine for emergency use – Erm News
Yellow Door Energy plans to double renewable portfolio in 2021
Tokyo’s tally of new coronavirus cases for January tops 30,000
Denis McDonough: What to know about Biden's VA secretary pick
Biden proposes extending nuclear arms treaty with Russia for 5 years
COVID ‘could have been contained’: Taiwan’s ex-health minister
China-Pakistan friendly cooperation to move forward firmly: Chinese FM
Post-Brexit shoppers are paying a third more for EU goods
Biden offers Putin five-year extension on nuclear weapons treaty
They raped her 9 times in Asha, Alexandria. The victim: They put the knife on my neck
Libya lost 92% of oil, gas revenues in 2020
Tory MPs urge Boris Johnson not to extend Covid-19 lockdown to summer
Police chief lists some of 'most egregious' lockdown-breaching parties
Designed to Defeat the Soviets, America’s AirLand Battle Strategy Destroyed Iraq
Outgoing US ambassador says world must end Taiwan’s exclusion
“Trump” withdrew from him and “Biden” ran to him as soon as he assumed the presidency .. What is the Paris climate agreement?
Ted Cruz tweets Biden prioritizing 'citizens of Paris' with climate accord, gets mocked
How President Biden handles a divided America will define his legacy
Bitcoin extends slide, heads for worst week since March 2020
Biden has an environmental vision for America - is it sustainable?
Obama praises Biden's executive order blitz: 'This is a time for boldness'
AI firm 4Paradigm raises $700m in fundraising round
Pelosi vows action on impeachment trial: 'We must do it'
Libyan parties agree to hold constitutional referendum ahead of elections: UN
House progressives caution against expanding security state after Capitol riots
From Sand to Glass: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Could Destroy the Middle East
Business environment brightens for investors
Steinmetz trial: Swiss verdict for tycoon in Guinea mine corruption trial
Turkish foreign minister meets Belgian counterpart
US to seek extension of nuclear arms treaty with Russia
Africa's long wait for the Covid-19 vaccine
Joe Biden promises a 'wartime effort' to tackle COVID
Details of the trial of a judge and his two friends in the rape of a girl in a villa on the northern coast before “the judge of the century”
Trump pledges to make return 'in some form'
Kenyan students honored in Huawei tech contest
The eternal promise of the Arab Spring
Biden’s team should beware of Houthis’ misuse of humanitarian concerns
Enterprise reforms to get more impetus
Hungary first EU member to license Russian virus jab
Merkel sees 'much broader scope' for cooperation with Biden
Jill Biden’s secret message in inauguration outfit
Biden's bold immigration overhaul may face a Republican wall in Congress
US charges Indonesian extremist in 2002 Bali bombings
Freshman GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Biden
Nissan says Brexit deal 'positive' and commits to UK
US ambassador welcomes efforts to resolve constitutional issues related to elections
Aftermath of explosion at Naval Academy
Capital flow to HK sign of market vitality
Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Biden
HRW demands probe into French air strike in central Mali
Do Republican voters buy President Biden's message of unity?
Covid has made rich richer & poor poorer — Rishi must not worsen that divide
Tough tests for Joe Biden in 'new' Middle East
Anthony Fauci describes 'liberating feeling' of no longer working under Trump
Fauci unloads on Trump as he returns to White House briefing room
Erdoğan’s long-arm charity IHH increases its presence in Mali
Bahraini minister accuses Qatar of not taking 'initiative' to end dispute
Turkey’s benchmark rate held as concerns over faltering recovery come to fore
Will Joe Biden return to the nuclear deal with Iran?
JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon is paid $31.5m after decrying income inequality

World stocks boast record-breaking month, led by Europe

Reuters 30.11.2020. 01:33

World stocks boast record-breaking month, led by Europe

SYDNEY (Reuters) - World shares were set to seal a record-busting month on Monday as the prospect of a vaccine-driven global economic recovery next year and yet more free money from central banks eclipsed concerns about the pandemic in the near-term. The rush to risk has also benefited oil and indu»»»
Zero Hedge 29.11.2020. 02:34

The 2021 Liquidity Supernova: Step Aside Fed - US Treasury Will Unleash $1.3 Trillion In Liquidity

One of the most poignant (and painful to some) lessons of the past decade - especially to contrarian, bearish investors such as Odey and Horseman - is that the Fed can keep print money far longer than any short can remain solvent. And while it was considered in poor taste until earlier this year to»»»
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