Occupied Territory: Why Chicago’s History Matters for Today’s Demands to Defund Police
The Libyan army overthrew a Turkish march that tried to target its forces with fingers
Cameroon peace talks: To what end?
Corona kills the first two non-Chinese
Final sentence of 15 years imprisonment for the activist Ahmed Doma for his conviction in the “events of the cabinet”
English pubs reopen but little normal elsewhere in the world
COVID-19: Pakistan receives 100 state-of-the-art ventilators from US
Sahara: Humanitarian aid diversion by Algeria, Polisario officially referred to European Parliament
Kolev: GDU’s program is clear and concise, the goal is change in society through personal example
Municipalities to receive more state funds, says DUI PM candidate
Italy eyes measures to support auto, tourism industries: PM
Israeli border police chief infected with coronavirus
China set to have "considerable importance" for German auto industry: expert
China's young tourists report changing post-epidemic travel preferences
Malta in 32nd placing out of 166 countries in index on sustainable development
Iran-Russia Economic Commission to Convene in September
Turkish citizenship for the wife of my Egyptian brothers is condemned to death
Decisive, dissuasive will win in Libya
The UK is reopening for business. London may never be the same
Basha Slams Govt for Lacking Plan for Coronavirus Situation
Turkey delivers 2nd batch of medical aid to Serbia
Trump, Biden fight for primacy on social media platforms
Turkish court convicts four rights activists on terrorism-related charges
For the first time … we publish videos of 8 presidential palaces from the inside (a tour you will not believe)
Enppi: Completing a league is essential for clubs
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Where is the Honor in ‘Honor Killings’?
‘France is complicit in Libya’s mass graves crime,’ says Turkish official
Explosions rock 2 Somalia cities as 4 killed in Baidoa
Starting a Post-COVID Recovery Revolution
Qeveria s’i vë vetes afat për emërimin e Koordinatorit për Dialog, s’kanë të dhëna për koston financiare
Haradinaj: Specialja sulmoi bazën e UÇK-së, së shpejti nisim peticionin për zhbërjen e saj
We have arrested 13 fighters, including mercenaries from Turkey
Newspaper exposes Qatari spy campaign and extortion of those close to Trump’s son-in-law
Al-Nagla .. Why was it chosen for the stone of the Egyptians returning from China?
In first, woman named head of Saudi co-ed university
Russia says China would be needed in expanded G7 summit: TASS
France’s Emmanuel Macron trips a risky political fuse
Islamic economy experts set to discuss future of Halal industry at second webinar of GIES Virtual Series
Johnson's diplomatic advice to Netanyahu and the UK's stance on Hong Kong and Palestine
IIP scheme: Government listened to Opposition – Delia
Ethiopia's PM accuses dissidents of taking up arms in unrest
Delia urges Maltese 'renewal,' calls for investment in industry
Erdogan threatens a military operation in Syria and insists that his forces remain in Libya
Tunis Chamber of Commerce launches online survey on intellectual property rights of SMEs
LNA, GNA exchange prisoners in Zintan city
OECD: COVID 2nd Wave Would Mean 10% hit to Hungary’s Economy
Super Saturday: Caravan queues on M5 as 10 million motorists hit the road for holiday trips after lockdown eased
A Libyan newspaper reveals why Haftar refused to sign the cease-fire agreement
Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan resume AU-brokered negotiations over Nile dam
GERD talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to continue Saturday
5 killed, 10 injured in bomb attack in southwest Somalia
Covid-19 has left my family and I traumatised, says patient at Nasrec quarantine site
Serbia Declares a State of Emergency in Belgrade
218News reveals details of Turkish officials’ visit to Libya
Vuçiq: Unë provova dhe s’funksionoi, tashmë po pres ide për finalen me Kosovën
Egypt’s opposition still seeking footing 7 years after coup
Critics of U.S.-Taliban Deal Say Militants Can't Be Trusted
“Its life is 3 times longer than the paper.” .. Bank heads praise the trend to issue plastic coins
Spain locks down an area with 200,000 people after coronavirus spike
"Concerns voiced by associations over center’s co-operation with Religious Affairs Ministry, include groundless accusations" (CSID)
CONECT calls for deep and radical reform of Foreign Currency Exchange Code
Iran’s FM Wishes Pakistani Counterpart Speedy Coronavirus Recovery
‘I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it’: how it feels to make a TV flop
'It’s a constant barrage of hate': how Trump sparks heated clashes in Florida's retirement resort
Intelligence: Don’t Get Caught
OP-ED: A tale from a bygone era
Why the Facebook boycott campaign is important to Arabs
SDSM’s Zaev congratulates U.S. Independence Day
Election campaign reaches midpoint, parties intensify rhetoric
African Development Bank joins WTO, other MDBs to support trade finance amid COVID-19 crisis | Algeria Business Info
Turkey .. More than 500 deaths and nearly 24,000 infected with the virus
Could Nazi Germany Have Captured Moscow? (And Won World War II?)
US says Haftar’s affiliation with Russian Wagner Group is against Libyan and American interests

Li & Fung says US-China trade war caused major shift in global trade

South China Morning Post 20.11.2019. 00:45

Li & Fung says US-China trade war caused major shift in global trade

Global sourcing and logistics giant Li & Fung said the ongoing US-China trade war has created a new trading landscape that has complicated global supply chains and had “huge impact” on the company. The Hong Kong-based , which supplies consumer goods to major retailers worldwide, is more than a cent»»»
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