Sami Lushtaku: S’kam pritur që në partinë e Albin Kurtit të jenë një pjesë e udbashëve
Why the US president is suddenly a G7 fan
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'Track and trace system is a 'national disgrace' that could lead to second wave'
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Private schools and universities in Lebanon are in economic crisis
Turkish military launches attack against Syrian Army troops in Aleppo
Trump & Musk say SpaceX rocket has 50% chance of launch due to wet forecast
Oil price in record one-month gains
Lushtaku: LDK’ja na ka ndihmuar — në Drenicë nuk ka pasur FARK dhe ushtri tjetër, pos UÇK’së
US may send military to Tunisia to counter 'Russian threat' in North Africa
EU condemns murder of 30 trafficked migrants in Mizda, Libya
Keir Mudie: Why Dominic Cummings is an impacted molar in the Tory government
Hapet peticioni i Vetëvendosjes, me kërkesën për zgjedhje
Cities brace for increasing unrest, call in National Guard
Këshilltari i Thaçit: Anketën e UNDP’së e bëri kompania që e favorizon Kurtin dhe Vetëvendosjen
Five-month-old Brazilian baby survives coronavirus after 32 days in coma
No-deal fears growing amid fishing rights row and delays caused by coronavirus
Lewandowski hits brace as Bayern Munich go 10 points clear
Sfax: Project to drill 2 new wells by Norwegian oil company Panoro
‘Domestic terror, cartels and white supremacism’ blamed for Floyd protest violence as Minnesota mobilizes National Guard
Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow rejects US accusations over printing counterfeit currency for Libya
Startup Accelerator HSEVEN Launches 3 Programs for African Entrepreneurs
Iran berates U.S. over police killing, slams racism
Islamic State kills Afghan journalist, technician in bus blast
Arms supply war heats up: Turkey increases transport flights to Tripoli-based forces
Russian politicians and researchers: EU decision to extend coercive measures on Syria is a genocide attempt against the Syrians
Chinese medical expert reunites with colleagues in Africa to fight COVID-19
Turkish-backed forces score new advance south of Libyan capital
US may send `training' unit to Tunisia amid concerns over Russian activity in Libya
Edhe gjashtë raste të reja me koronavirus në Kosovë — shërohen 12 pacientë të tjerë
Njëri i mori 18 mijë, tjetri 22 mijë, dikush 30 mijë euro – shtesa të majme pagash në Ministrinë e Infrastrukturës
Two astronauts aboard SpaceX rocket as historic flight nears launch
Egypt's Sisi discusses Libya developments with France's Macron in phone call
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Syrians seeking to return from Lebanon stuck in buffer zone (UPDATE)
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George Floyd death: Minnesota governor decries violent protests
Irrigation: New Tunisian technology for oxygenation of irrigation water on market
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Cummings and Johnson evil geniuses? Hardly, just lazy and incompetent | Nick Cohen
Albanian Roma and Egyptians Protest Against Municipal Violence Outside Mayor Erion Veliaj’s Office
Attack on Exim Bank MD: ABB expresses grave concern
EU Corruption Case Goes to the Court of Justice of the European Union
It’s in Delia’s hands: What will he do with Jason Azzopardi? – PL
No national strategy yet to ensure menstrual hygiene
Offices, public transports resume from Sunday
TIB expresses concern over hospital fire, attack on bank officials
Coronavirus: ministers should use crisis to improve education for girls, Malala’s father says
EU condemns killing of 30 immigrants in Libya, urges for swift justice
Russia denies U.S. claim that Libyan banknotes seized in Malta are counterfeit
Controversial photo with PM Orban and several ministers stirs indignation. Gov’t: The Premier pays fines for smoking and not wearing mask indoors
Fronts in Kuwait implicated in North Korea ‘laundering’
George Floyd: governor's vow to reclaim streets rings hollow on night of chaos
Government scientist makes his feelings on Cummings row clear at live briefing
PM Robert Abela and Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi were not involved in any voluntary homicide of irregular immigrants
US breaks off relations with WHO
Libyan, Italian Prime Ministers reiterate need to end offensive on Tripoli
Sikder dominates National Bank board in violation of rules
Klosi convenes Tourism Committee to present masterplan on coastal area
In unusual move, US embassies in Africa speak up on police brutality
Bruce Mehlman: Economic recovery from coronavirus demands more available, affordable and accessible broadband

Migrants identify ‘African torturers’ in Sicilian camp

The Times 17.09.2019. 01:04

Migrants identify ‘African torturers’ in Sicilian camp

Three Africans who sailed to Italy this summer have been arrested and accused of torturing, raping and killing fellow migrants in Libya after they were spotted by their alleged victims at a reception centre in Sicily. The three — a 27-year-old man from Guinea and two Egyptians, aged 24 and 26 — kep»»»

The Guardian 16.09.2019. 15:23

Italy police arrest three over rape and torture of migrants in Libya

Detectives in Sicily have arrested three men who allegedly raped and tortured dozens of migrants in a detention centre in the north-west of Libya. Prosecutors in Agrigento have collected testimonies from numerous asylum seekers from north Africa who allegedly recognised their former captors at a mi»»»
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