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President meets with President of EU Council, receives cable of condolences from King Philip of Belgium
Senior US officials will head to Beirut in coming days: Sources
UN: 6,588 migrants have been intercepted at sea by Tripoli Coast Guard and disembarked in Libya - The Libyan Address Journal
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The US President's National Security Adviser warns of foreign powers 'exploitation of the Libyan conflict.
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OP-ED: How indigenous communities have been pushed to the margins
U.S. sanctions against oil smugglers receives Libyan welcome
Venezuela sentences two American ex-soldiers to 20 years over failed ‘invasion’
UAE aid plane carrying 40 tonnes of relief material arrives in Beirut in support of victims of massive blast
Key Traffic Junctions in Sofia Blocked Again by Protesters
Diab meets with European Council President
Kryeministri godet Haradinajn: S’ka nevojë për defilime në Karaçevë, kufijtë e Kosovës të sigurt
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Mauritius declares emergency over oil spill from grounded ship
Juan Guaido to restore Venezuelan ties with Israel within days: newspaper
Macron told Trump that U.S. sanctions on Lebanese groups counterproductive, official says
Improving air quality in Warsaw and Łódź to increase life expectancy by over 1 year
"The people in Lebanon can count on the European Union" - press release following President Charles Michel's visit to Beirut

Israel’s love of Kurds weaponized by their foes

Al Monitor 13.12.2019. 23:50

Israel’s love of Kurds weaponized by their foes

On Oct. 10, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Israel strongly condemns the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish areas in Syria and warns against the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds by Turkey and its proxies.” He continued, “Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the gallant»»»
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