China-US rivalry needs defusing to revive global economy
Map reveals how BCG vaccine could prevent coronavirus – as countries with compulsory jabs report fewer deaths
DOJ files formal appeal with Supreme Court over House access to Mueller grand jury material
France rolls out Covid-19 tracing app amid privacy debate
Taliban Officials Deny Report That Top Leader Died From Coronavirus
Inside the bloody gang wars plaguing the Costa del Sol where thugs dish out ‘medieval’ torture and ‘Glasgow smiles’
Kuwait Amir congratulates Italy on national day
Aoun chairs meeting on organ donation draft decree, meets MPs Traboulsi and Rahme
JPMorgan, Barclays settle Mexican bond rigging litigation
Saudi Arabia announces 24 more COVID-19 deaths
Morocco Invests $36 Million to Assist Farmers Affected By Drought
DP Sues 22 Officials, including PM over Theater Demolition
FM Çavuşoğlu discusses pandemic with counterparts in Europe, Africa
Di Maio protests Greek travel restrictions on Italian tourists | Kathimerini
Black Lives Matter protests: When are the demonstrations in London, Manchester and Birmingham?
LNA depicts arrival of Turkish tanks’ shipment to Misrata Port
Conte to Field Marshal Haftar: Political solution in Libya is inevitable
The U.S. Army Beat Ebola, Could It Now Help Defeat Coronavirus?
Killing of Kurd in Turkey sparks discrimination accusations
W. Balkan states enthusiastic for stronger ties with EU, split on links with U.S. - IRI poll
What you need to know about coronavirus on Tuesday, June 2
Coronavirus in Hungary – Epidemic ‘clearly subsiding’, donation of health accessories arrived from Turkey
LNA sends military reinforcements to fighting frontlines
African prominent figures who lost their lives to COVID-19
Cardona’s declarations are not proof of innocence, Repubblika says
Libyan cities suffer from water shortages amid Coronavirus spread
After 6 months, important mysteries about COVID-19 endure
Haftar's forces 'responsible for majority of civilian deaths' in Libya since 2019
Al-Sarraj and Al-Kabir dispute makes Libyan dinar lose value in black market
Al-Sarraj is in “no turning back” dispute with Governor of Libya’s Central Bank in Tripoli
HoR Follow-up Committee condemns empowerment of new management of Brega company in Benghazi
US welcomes Malta’s seizure of Libyan currency printed in Russia
Three foreigners who ran secret detention in Libya sentenced to 20 years in prison
UN Condemns Massacre of Migrants in Libya
Italy concerned about Turkey’s expended influence in Libya
218News source: Italian intelligence delegation to meet Al-Sarraj and Bashagha on Wednesday
218News reveals entry of Maltese “Gafa” by GNA invitation, contrary to previous peronal visit claims
Russia "Deploys Military Fighter Aircraft to Libya"
Choas and disorder among mercenaries in Libya after suffering heavy losses
Gazprom Signs Contract With Mytilineos to Supply Gas to Greece Until 2030
Legal action underway against Erdogan and Al-Sarraj’s crimes in Libya
Ongoing clashes in southern Tripoli frontlines
Germany installed 380 MW of solar in April
London-based Schroders raises stake in Slovenian lender NLB above 5%
Libya's GNA, LNA "to Restart Ceasefire Talks"
Algeria to release two protest leaders: opposition politician
Montenegro Urged to Return Expropriated Olive Groves to Owners
Coronavirus - South Sudan: Japan pledges $821,000 fighting COVID-19 in South Sudan
EasyJet and Carnival to bid FTSE 100 adieu due to COVID-19
Turkey to continue drilling in Eastern Mediterranean, FM says
Palestinians in Israel discriminated against in their own homes
Hafar's LNA begins to strike back after string of losses in western Libya
Vajza e Gani Gecit ia le një “selam” LDK’së tek nënshkrimet për seancë
Vjosa Osmani tregon çfarë qeverie preferon një ditë para votimit të Qeverisë Hoti
Developing world faces risk of long-term economic damage due to Covid-19 , World Bank says
Sustainable finance: 'Germany needs to show leadership'
Egypt’s ex-PM faces torture allegation in American’s lawsuit
The Tories must keep a tight grip on unprecedented spending – or risk a return to the miserable days of the 1970s
‘Back where we belong’: Parisians bask in sun as cafés reopen after Covid-19 lockdown
Leonid Mikhelson: En route towards 70 million tons of LNG from Arctic fields
Russia Expects Turkey’s Final Decision on 2nd Delivery of S-400 Missile Systems
DR Congo reports fresh Ebola outbreak
Malta pathologists: politicians’ claims of no second COVID-19 wave are untrue
World outrage grows at Floyd’s death; EU ‘shocked, appalled’
Richard Grenell Resigns as U.S. Ambassador to Berlin
Of course it's safe to ease lockdown – Matt Hancock is just fixing our alert system | Marina Hyde
Hungary banks on Balkan Stream to triple capacity of gas supply to Slovakia
U.S. ambassador to Germany Grenell steps down
Libya loses more than US$ 5 bn due to oil closures: NOC
Turkey, Russia may repeat Syrian scenario in Libya
German FM calls US protests 'more than legitimate' as US envoy steps down
Violent protests, looting rock US cities despite curfews

Villagers search for bodies after 70 killed in Afghan mosque blast

Jordan Times 19.10.2019. 21:53

Villagers search for bodies after 70 killed in Afghan mosque blast

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Villagers searched for the bodies of their loved ones on Saturday in the rubble of a mosque in eastern Afghanistan that collapsed in a blast during Friday prayers, killing 70 people, including dozens of children, officials said. The attack — the country's second most deadly»»»

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