US to impose $1.3b tariffs on French goods in response to Tech Tax
Saudi leadership spurs optimism towards it taking WTO helm
The weekend read: What Lebanon’s default means for PV
What are the Wayfair conspiracy theories about child trafficking circulating on Twitter and Reddit?
Our armed forces responded to a violent attack on Sirte
Hong Kong youth representative voices support to national security legislation at UN session
How the U.S Army Plans to Fight a Brutal Land War in Asia
Summer trips to Mars .. and Arabs have a share!
Eighth day of negotiations .. Egypt: Ethiopia surprised us with a strange request
War in Syria: Russian-Chinese veto prevents extension of humanitarian aid agreement
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France's Visible Hand
Trump says he will create a path to US citizenship for 'dreamers'
America is number one … but for how long? Mohammed Al-Minshawi
The secret of hostility between China and Taiwan .. How repelled the island “Tenina”
The Great Chinese Financial Meltdown of 2015?
Putin participates in the “Libya conference” .. The final documents are almost ready
Gregg Jarrett: Trump right to commute Roger Stone’s sentence – Stone committed no crime, was framed by Mueller
EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Palace clashing with royal butler in name row
Cracking the criminal Enigma Code: How a telecoms expert snared gang
Amber Heard claims Depp launched 14 attacks on her over three years
Dozens of academics, journalists blast 'cancel culture' critics
Leaked emails reveal scandal to offer to help author become a dame
Boohoo founder's links to Leicester 'slave' factory revealed
U.S. slaps French goods with 25% duties in digital tax row, but delays effective date
Cairo Airport: 36 international flights depart to several destinations in the world
A member of Turkey’s mercenaries in Libya complains: “Even the predecessor ate it”
FilGoal | News | The centimeter conflict threatens Zamalek against Esperance … Zizou is the solution?
This F/A-18C Hornet Landed On A Navy Aircraft Carrier (The Pilot Wasn't American)
Regulator urged to speed up bank IPO clearances
Uzbekistan resumes WTO membership negotiations
Trump COMMUTES longtime friend Roger Stone's 'unjust' jail sentence
We developed a vaccine against Corona and it looked promising
Foreign interference in Libya must be stopped
Ambiguity about the Natanz explosion … and former intelligence agents claiming it!
A surprising statement from Bin Salman about the person involved in the 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri
Trump's planned order on 'dreamer' immigrants will not include amnesty -White House
Trump commutes jail sentence of long-time confidante Roger Stone
Children slaughter and assassinate the judges … Aswan player stations and 44 others are serving a case
Hagia Sophia verdict seen as Erdogan’s attempt to ‘mask economic failure’
Brits to stump up for £16m revamp of EU Parliament — even though we’ve LEFT, leaked documents reveal
Turkey's president formally makes Hagia Sophia a mosque
EP adopts new regulation to develop COVID-19 vaccine quickly
Encouraged by France, Germany Balkans reconciliation talks resume
Imported shrimp packaging had virus
Clashes break out between Greek cops and protesters over a clampdown on violent demos
Brexit latest news: Boris Johnson ‘crashes EU dinner to demand deal’ and Turkey ‘very close’ to signing UK agreement
Listen to the song “January 25”, the latest composed by Shaaban Abdel Rahim, for policemen on their birthday
Duda vs Trzaskowski: The fight for Poland's future
Bosnia's Srebrenica massacre 25 years on - in pictures
France urges Israel to drop West Bank annexation plan
Roundup: California universities oppose U.S. government's rule on int'l students amid pandemic
TikTok: Amazon says email asking staff to remove app 'sent in error'
Business as usual: UK imposes sanctions, then praises ties with Saudi Arabia
Without accountability, al-Hashimi's assassination will not be the last
Other high interests ?! | Egyptian today
FilGoal | News | Source in Zamalek to Al-Joule: a tendency to close the team roster as it is
Mickoski in Delchevo: We got to the point where we can overthrow an anti-national government led by SDSM
Jeremy Hunt interview: ‘The scientific advice was wrong — there was group-think at the top’
PBOC might end monetary 'crisis mode'
Without IMF bailout, what does the future hold for Lebanon?
Albanian Prime Minister Challenges European Commission on Changes to Electoral System
Zaev in Karposh: Right path means EU and NATO, protection against COVID-19, economic growth
Protesters in Belgrade break into Serbian parliament
“The Army a bulwark against any attack on integrity of national territory” (Defence) bans, then un-bans TikTok app from employee mobile devices
July 15: An unprecedented incident in world history
At home clothes .. Nisreen Tafesh is crazy about the audience with a new video
China grants export license to private oil refiner
China ready to join Mongolia to deepen construction of community with shared future: Chinese FM
China trade war: Why does Beijing hate Australia and the US?
Philippine military says Abu Sayyaf leader still alive
Vjosa Osmani e lajmëron ne polici deputetin e LDK’së: Më kërcënoi fizikisht, përdori gjuhë banale
Amazon tells employees to delete TikTok – then walks it back
Project to build medical city in Kairouan moves to second phase, says President Kais Saied

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs’ statement after visiting region, Armenia squad manager resigns, 18.10.19 digest

News 18.10.2019. 18:12

OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs’ statement after visiting region, Armenia squad manager resigns, 18.10.19 digest

Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenia-related top news as of 18.10.19: · The judges of the Constitutional Court (CC) of Armenia are following the developments related to CC President Hrayr Tovmasyan and his family, and they will react as needed, they said in a statement. Yester»»»
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