How China Plans to Leverage Its Relationship with Japan
Will The Next Generation of Stealth Fighters Have Lasers?
Commentary: Huawei ban wrong, harmful choice for Britain
More cases at US bases spark concern in Japan
Turkey relations under scanner at EU meeting
Learn about the top 13 old car brands and models currently being scrapped
Transport for London REMOVES Banksy's sneezing rats artwork
Russian agents 'may have deliberately left novichok bottle'
World population 'will peak at 9.7bn in 2064 then start to shrink'
Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte surrounded by anti government protesters
Flights between China and France reduced to just two per week
'One country' points to sovereignty's indivisibility
UK reverses decision to give Huawei role in 5G development
Across China: Rescuing wildlife during the flood season
Demand for copper and cobalt set to see rapid growth
China opposes US threats at UN to pressure Iran
COVID-19 deaths hit 50k in England, Wales
Countries alerted on Washington's meddling in S. China Sea
International Criminal begins trial of the “Islamic” police chief of Timbuktu
US allies once seemed cowed by China. Now they're responding with rare coordination
UK bans Huawei from its 5G network in rapid about-face
At event meant to announce China actions, Trump rambles into political attacks
Bari Weiss: Victim of cancel culture or anti-Palestinian hypocrite?
Financial markets rally as economic confidence grows: Report
NASA chief says Russia ties 'solid' as Moscow's space chief rejects U.S.-led moon program
Back to square one, as the JCPOA turns five
7,000 and Counting: China Has the World's Largest Tank Force
Turkish movement in the vicinity of Sirte .. Military engineers and marches
July 15. Kazinform's timeline of major events
Tunisia's moderate Islamist party Ennahda to withdraw confidence from govt
China places sanctions on Lockheed Martin over arms sales to Taiwan
Donald Trump's niece Mary demands he 'RESIGN' in her first interview
Coronavirus: Trump abandons international students ban after backlash at home, abroad
The Hong Kong crisis and the new world order
Boeing awarded $1.2B deal for 8 F-15EX fighter jets
Chinese companies with US subsidiaries got coronavirus stimulus funds, report says
Flexible display panel makers eye higher sales
Erdogan’s Libyan gamble
World population in 2100 could be 2 billion below UN projections
Italy to extend anti-COVID measures to July 31: health minister
NATO urges all parties in Afghanistan to seize peace opportunity
Action plan to revitalize State firms
Egypt desperate to revive coronavirus-hit tourism industry
Anand Teltumbde: Cards and letters for jailed India scholar as he turns 70
Iron-clad friendship shows its strength
Decoupling, a pseudo-proposition
Trump wants meeting with Putin before US presidential election
Italy’s Five Star ‘set to sacrifice Virginia Raggi, unloved mayor of Rome’
Bonnier has his eye on data business
Glasgow City make Janine van Wyk the biggest signing in their 21-year history
Erdogan: Turkey will not hesitate to stand up to the attack on Azerbaijan
Fresh warning to NATO over rising Russian military, biological and cyber threats
Trump vows to sign immigration executive order: 'We're going to be taking care of DACA'
Foreign trade stabilizes in 1st half of year
'West fails to grasp gravity of July 15 coup attempt'
A massive explosion of a diesel oil pipe in Egypt (photos and video) – Urm News
After the pictures of “satellites” .. an international analyst explains the gathering of water behind the “Renaissance Dam”
UK plans recommending masks in all public places, the Telegraph reports
North Macedonia heads to election with pace of EU accession at stake
Wear a mask to the shops – it’s not a big deal nor are you a hero if you don’t
Trump lashes out at Biden in Rose Garden: 'There's never been a time when two candidates were so different'
Coronavirus: mask-wearing in English shops 'will be difficult to enforce'
Thousands of Moroccan Women Trapped in Spain Plead for a Way Home
Banning Huawei from UK’s 5G network is a good day for Britain and a great day for freedom
Shoppers without a face mask can be turned away, ministers reveal 
Protesters try to storm Bulgarian parliament
China hits out at UK’s ‘wrong’ decision to ban Huawei from 5G network as bitter Beijing makes trade threat
Erdogan threatens to wage war on a new country
Did Trump warn Erdogan of crossing the Egyptian Red Line in Libya? .. Details of the call

Emmanuel Macron: Chaos in Syria a ‘serious fault of Nato and the West’

The National 18.10.2019. 18:05

Emmanuel Macron: Chaos in Syria a ‘serious fault of Nato and the West’

Emmanuel Macron: Chaos in Syria a ‘serious fault of Nato and the West’ The French leader gave a forthright evaluation of the West’s failures in the Middle East at the close of the EU summit in Brussels Oct 18, 2019 October 18, 2019 SHARE facebook shares SHARE French President Emmanuel Macron has co»»»
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