Among them are the executive regulations for civil work … new government decisions
Africa final … Deterrent penalties await cafe owners and violating fans
Australian-British academic freed in Iran prisoner swap
Maradona was a genius on the pitch but life outside would destroy him
EU lacks defence capabilities to meet 'strategic autonomy' goals
Sudan's former PM Sadiq al-Mahdi dies of coronavirus
AstraZeneca manufacturing error clouds vaccine study resul...
South Africans target foreign truck drivers over jobs
Britain braced for T-Day: Boris will announce TODAY country's Tiers
Rishi Sunak pledges to plough £100bn into rail, roads, and broadband
Osborne 'wanted to make David Beckham sports minister,' sources say
Far-right terrorism and what to do
Biden seeks unity as Trump stokes fading embers of campaig...
Progressive groups want 'squad member' Rashida Tlaib in Biden cabinet
Poverty rates in Iraq, Iran rise amid COVID-19
Sunak paints bleak economic picture
Lack of PPE cost UK $13.3 billion
France unveils gradual easing of nationwide coronavirus lockdown
AfCFTA provides e-commerce opportunity for youth
Nation sees decline in adolescent stunting
A significant test for multilateral diplomacy
Anger at 'finger in air' criteria to decide local Tiers for England
Expo lands on special anniversary for 17th edition
Scores in court as Cambodia opposition awaits trial for treason
BBI report roots for a system that supports ‘responsible citizenship’
Mexico City seeks to 'break the chain' of coronavirus with rapid tests, QR codes
COVID-19: Former Sudan PM Sadiq Al Mahdi dies of coronavirus in UAE
Trump lays out his remaining election claims
Tigray crisis: How the Ethiopian army and TPLF clashed over an airport
Australian coal worth $700MILLION is stuck off Chinese ports
Andrew McCarthy: Trump’s Flynn pardon justified — adviser should never have been investigated and prosecuted
Ghannouchi abstains from running for third mandate
Donald Trump pardons his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn
Turkey decodes far-left terror group’s digital archive
Biden considering former Obama national security adviser Donilon for CIA: source
Trump pardons Michael Flynn and says ex-National Security Adviser’s prosecution was ‘attempt to subvert 2016 election’
Far-Right Terrorism Rises as Islamist Terrorism Declines
Baffled Trump vented to allies at ‘election fraud’ meeting: ‘I don’t get it…I’m the only guy that loses?’
Israel preparing for potential US military strike on Iran: Report
Nobel Peace Prize nominees liable for civilian deaths
London-listed NMC Healthcare to join FTSE 100 this month
Maradona is a football legend who has charmed millions
Italy calls on the international community to cease interventions in Libya
How our future wars will look like
MuslimPro's 'data sale' benefiting the US army is betrayal that puts Muslim lives in danger
Tony Blinken: the good, the bad, and potentially ugly
Pompeo’s attack on BDS is an assault on free speech
What Biden owes the Palestinians
Understanding the Saudi, Emirati religious authorities' 'excommunication' of the Muslim Brotherhood
The death of Walid al-Muallem: The legacy of Assad's Goebbelsian foreign minister
Kathy Jackson: Big spending union boss avoids jail for defrauding members
Post-retirement blues
Pakistani PM Commends Trump for Role in Afghan Peace Process
Summary of the Real Madrid-Inter match “Vidal’s folly implicates Conte and gives Real the runner-up”
Can Sino-US ties be fixed during Biden term?
How to spark growth after Covid chaos
Hardline stance of BBI proponents is worrying
Trump calls into hearing to say he ‘WON by a lot’ & poll watchers were ‘treated like dogs’ as handset held up to mic
Amnesty calls Lebanon authorities’ failure to implement anti-torture law a disgrace’
Saudi Central Bank sanctions 30 banks, including one in UAE
Biden urges safe Thanksgiving amid pandemic; Trump pardons ex-aide Flynn
Maradona, football legend, was a champion of Latin America's left
Poland becomes EU leader regarding digitization of drone services
Obama slams religious minorities who vote Republican despite ‘racist’ Trump putting ‘undocumented workers in cages’
U.N. mulls U.S. proposal to streamline, lengthen North Korea aid exemptions
Foreign donors pledge $12 billion to Afghanistan
UNSMIL holds the second virtual meeting of the second round of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum
Bashkëluftëtari i Abedin Rexhës – Sandokanit rrëfen se si sulmuan forcat policore sot 23 vjet në Skenderaj
Donald Trump pardons Mike Flynn for lying to the FBI
Hezbollah, Amal loyalists attack journalists covering fire
Disgraced Minister Edhy Prabowo Spends Bribe Money on Rolex Watch during Hawaii Trip
Reuters: A Greek oil tanker struck a mine in a Saudi port

Veterans answer call to staff U.S. voting stations amid COVID-19

Reuters 26.10. 22:04

Veterans answer call to staff U.S. voting stations amid COVID-19

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A decade after Dan Berschinski deployed to Afghanistan to fight for freedom and lost his legs in battle, the former Army infantry officer is training for a key role in U.S. democracy: manning a voting station in place of elderly poll workers at risk of COVID-19. The retired Army»»»
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