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France’s Macron criticizes NATO reaction over Turkish offensive

Al Arabiya 18.10. 22:28

France’s Macron criticizes NATO reaction over Turkish offensive

France’s president on Friday bemoaned Turkey’s offensive into northern Syria as “madness” and decried the North Atlantic Organization’s (NATO) inability to react to the assault as a “serious mistake.” “I consider what’s happened in the last few days as a serious mistake from the West and NATO in th»»»
Al Ahram 18.10. 19:09

France's Macron criticises NATO reaction over Turkish offensive

France's president on Friday bemoaned Turkey's offensive into northern Syria as "madness" and decried the North Atlantic Organisation's (NATO) inability to react to the assault as a "serious mistake." "I consider what's happened in the last few days as a serious mistake from the West and NATO in th»»»

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