Libya's NOC lifts force majeure on oil in ports without fighters
MPs demand 'shooting galleries' where addicts can inject drugs legally
Former Canada PM Turner, in office for just 11 weeks, dies
Iran's Zarif says world should oppose U.S. sanctions or expect same
Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin warns pubs and restaurants face wipeout with up to a MILLION job losses
Këtë vit pritet të fillojë ndërtimi i autostradës drejt Merdares, do të kushtojë 250 milionë euro
Quint Countries Warn Kosovo Politicians against Undermining War Crimes Court
Abraham Accord opens up a new era of economic possibilities
'She set an example for us': Crowd honours RBG at Supreme Court
OP-ED: Powering the nation
E-commerce stakeholders worried by logistical challenges
Trump promises successor to Ginsburg 'without delay', sparking political battle
Turkey condemns Greek newspaper headline abusing Erdogan
Russia will develop unmanned helicopters for the army and fleet
Secret Service intercepts package to Trump containing deadly RICIN 
Libyan official: Sarraj opposes oil deal with rival Haftar
Owen Jones: 'A lot of people in the parliamentary Labour party are horrible'
Afghan mothers celebrate children’s ID move
The EU in the multilateral system
US sources: the US Navy in South Aegean could destroy entire Turkish Navy
Chinese clubbers dance in Wuhan disco as coronavirus ground zero has ‘NO recorded cases’ just as second wave hits UK
Arab Emirates sends fifth plane to Colombia with anti-Covid aid 19
McConnell's legacy: Wielding majority power to reshape court
Bloomberg: Al-Sarraj has rejected Libyan oil deal between Haftar and Mitig
Protests in Syria against the Turkish presence
Ismaili: Kurti rrezikoi sigurinë kombëtare kur ndaloi operacionin e policisë në Karaçevë
Egypt denounces Turkey's statements on developments in Egypt following Morsi's 2013 ouster
Millions of US users to be hit by WeChat block
Is 8 enough? US Supreme Court vacancy could roil possible election case
PDL marchers demand additional measures to combat terrorism
Iran threatens ‘revenge’ killing of Soleimani, dubbed ‘world’s number one terrorist’ by Trump
Iranian tenants increasingly pushed to the brink as prices soar
Kryeministri Hoti publikon fragmente nga nënshkrimi i marrëveshjes në Shtëpinë e Bardhë
Bachir Edkhil: "The childhood of the Saharawi children has been kidnapped, they are children with no identity of their own and no future
Pompeo in Greece next week | Kathimerini
Working from home is BAD for business: Bosses accuse staff of skiving
Police set up tent in garden of Steven Clark's parents
Britain's second wave takes hold with 4,422 cases in past 24 hours
Britain's second wave is six weeks behind Spain
Look out below! 250 British paratroopers jump into Ukraine
Ex-MI6 agent, 73, probed over claims he gave information to Beijing
Riot police arrest hundreds of women in Belarusian capital Minsk
Turkey: 94 ex-army officials with FETO links remanded
US award conferred on Kuwait Amir most “prestigious”, says envoy
Ginsburg Supreme Court vacancy could complicate possible contested election, some scholars say
BSF reiterates same old promises on border killings
Nga PDK-ja kërkojnë që të hetohet ish-kryeministri Kurti
MQ-9B SeaGuardian Maritime UAV: Which Missions ? Which Customers ?
Iranian commander vows to avenge US assassination of top general
Pompeo hails Colombia's stance on Maduro, pledges more help in drugs fight
Muslim Brotherhood’s rumours: Separating illusion from reality
Egypt slams statements made by Turkish Foreign Minister as ‘baseless, contradictory’
The Maetig-Hafter proposal to resume oil exports: Analysis
Special Report: Nasrallah has over a $ billion stashed outside Lebanon
EU: No Deadlines, No Delays in Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue
NOC refuses Maetig-Hafter resumption of oil production and exports in presence of forces in oilfields
The Lebanese Army finds a cache of fireworks in the devastated port of Beirut
Nazaha received 300+ corruption reports, referred 40 to prosecution
Former Central African Republic presidential guard chief arrested on torture charges
Sanctions against Turkey ‘complex in a number of ways,’ says German Council on Foreign Relations director, Yannis Palaiologos | Kathimerini
Justice Minister: Morocco’s Anti-Money Laundering Strategy Is Effective
Trump says he is 'obligated' to nominate SCOTUS justice without delay
Sisi Receives Letter from DRC’s President: Rady
WHO, UNICEF recommit to accelerating health, well-being at...
How Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death could affect Senate races – and Trump v Biden
Airstrikes on Taliban base in Afghanistan's northeast leave 30 civilian casualties
South China Morning Post 18.01. 03:35

China’s trade with Africa grows 2.2 per cent in 2019 to US$208 billion

China’s trade with grew at a slower rate last year, as a downturn in the Asian giant’s economy led to a sharp fall in imports of industrial raw materials.Two-way trade grew by just 2.2 per cent in 2019 to US$208.7 billion, compared with a 20 per cent rise a year earlier, according to official figur»»»
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