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تعقيدات المشهد الليبي وهروب واشنطن من المستنقع الأفغاني - قناة العالم الاخبارية
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The F-35 Is Old News: Japan Is Already Reaching For 6th Generation Fighters
Hero in US Hanukkah attack rejects $20K reward from 'Zionists'
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Afghans hope for peace amid ‘violence reduction’ week
Tensions escalate in Syria as another Turkish soldier dies
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LOUGHRAN: In the UK, a ‘Chancellor In Name Only’, and a Prime
Rates 2019: only gas and telephone down. For our SMEs, electricity and gas bills are the most expensive in the EU
Several Turkish soldiers killed by Libyan Army near Tripoli
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Thousands hit streets of Algiers on protest movement anniversary
EU budget summit ends with no deal
Japanese companies keen on investing in Egypt’s AI, CIT sectors: embassy
Colombia befriends nature as climate change takes toll
Iran Said It Built An Impressive Stealth Fighter, But Then We Never Saw It Again
Fidesz cabinet: ‘Soros network’ incites hatred between Hungarians, RomaPrivacy Overview
Buffett defends Berkshire stock push, reassures on future as profit smashes record
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Global Debt: The Next Great Financial Crisis?
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أبو فدك المحمداوي على نهج سليماني والمهندس - قناة العالم الاخبارية
وزير الخارجية النمساوي يلتقي ظريف يوم الاحد - قناة العالم الاخبارية
Buffett calls for more accountability for corporate directors
Egypt’s parliament says abolishing imprisonment of businessmen will attract investment
Egypt to issue intergovernmental green bonds: Finance Ministry
Saudi Border Guards rescue family from drowning
Kuwait participated in Gulf security drill in UAE
East Libya FM Demands 'Fair Distribution' to End Oil Closure
Tucker Carlson: Russia isn’t attacking our democratic system – our own ruling class is
Protesters gather on eve of Julian Assange extradition hearing
Housing minister receives investigation report on Mutlaa City project accident

'End Prevent': UK government faces new calls to drop counter-terrorism strategy

Middle East Eye 17.01. 14:58

'End Prevent': UK government faces new calls to drop counter-terrorism strategy

Academics and activists call for 'alternative approach' as government's own promised review of contentious policy remains stalled The British government is facing fresh calls to abolish its Prevent strategy amid uncertainty over the future of its own suspended review of the contentious counter-terr»»»

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