Trump’s plan is a waste of Palestinian rights
Coronavirus: India hits record new cases, US hospitals full
Croatia conservatives hail 'great' re-election victory
A paper and a pen, and write, O all, this is the secret of the sweetness and beauty of Sumaya Al Khashab
Shanghai offers silver lining to economic cloud
Coronavirus: How 'three musketeers' helped Georgia fight virus
Libya .. News about the death of the intelligence chief of the reconciliation government
Libyan State Council: We inform the Egyptian army about entering an adventure whose destiny is the same as its predecessor in Yemen
Viewpoint: What Donald Trump gets wrong about Somalia
Buy now, pay whenever? Lockdown lift for online shopping loans
America Cannot Get Enough Of These 5 Sporting Rifles
HKSAR sets up conferences to explain National Security Law
New legislation requires HK-Beijing cooperation
Banks urge Britain and EU to sort out financial market access
Haj: Saudi Arabia issues coronavirus guidelines for pilgrimage
Indian soldiers unarmed and caught by surprise in China clash, families say
Spotlight: Rail freight assists Poland in fighting COVID-19 pandemic
Labour wants wealth tax to pay for coronavirus crisis
Jeremy Clarkson: I might vote Labour under Keir Starmer
Lockdown warning as drinkers flout rules on sardine Saturday
Bar Huawei from our 5G, advises ex-security chief John Sawers
Tories’ rising star is now PM’s biggest threat
Downfall of French spy in China revealed after 23 years
Ursula von der Leyen is accused of meddling in Croatian election
It’s time the Government makes properly funding and restructuring the social care system a priority
Coronavirus: FDA chief refuses to back Trump's vaccine prediction
Samsung's second-quarter chip sales unlikely made up for smartphone weakness
Zionist Research Center warns of growing military capabilities of Yemen
China to America: We reject blackmail and will not concede
“Arabi 21” talks with the Egyptian film director and director “Basbousa in Al Qeshta”
Joint Egyptian-Emirati statement on Libya
Qeveria vendos masat e reja kundër koronavirusit
$800bn plan to turn Riyadh into cultural hub for the Middle East
Gas and diesel prices drop in Egypt within hours
Libyan army fighters target a military convoy in the southwest of the country – Ernews
The moment of warplanes targeting a Turkish defense system in Libya Video
Video- Asala to her daughter: Do yourself a life from Britain
Pompeo urged by US congressmen to rethink Mauritania policy over human rights abuses
Residents in high-rise lockdown furious at ’prison-like’ conditions
DUI’s Ahmeti: Albanian PM idea will improve trust between communities
Settlers vandalize Palestinians’ homes while Israel denies them access to their lands
Introducing France’s ‘equality, but only for us’ approach
Boris Johnson pledges £1.6BILLION to save live music venues and theatres from closure
Edhe 152 raste të reja me Covid-19 në Kosovë, 28 të shëruar
OIC condemns terrorist attacks in Somalia, Mali
Di Maio: Europe must take responsibility for restoring peace in Libya
Lebanon holds Baalbek concert despite virus, economic crisis
New leak of Governor Al-Mutairi from the Gaddafi Tent (registration) – Iram news
Iran nuclear: Natanz fire caused 'significant' damage
Murtada: Al-Ahly has been postponed due to Maaloul
“Abyei to bleed,” Twitter leads Sudan after killing more than 32 people
Everyone should do their bit and stand up to China – even if it’s cutting up your HSBC card
Briefing of KUNA main news for Saturday until 00:00 GMT
Saudi Arabia issues protocols to ensure safety of pilgrims during Hajj
Profits of Ukraine’s banks still ahead of last year, but first signs of crisis impact visible
Second coronavirus wave ‘won’t be long in the making’ says top cop as drinkers hit pubs and bars for Sunday session
A lit oven for Khashoggi
Shadow marking in Libya
Decentralizing Libya not a panacea for stability
Happened at night. | A huge fire in the ceramic market in Al-Marj .. and referring chief T.
Turkey makes first statement after Libyan Army bombed their air defense system
Egyptian Army preparing to secure entire border with Libya
Ankara acknowledges the destruction of a Turkish defense system in raids on the Al-Wataya base
America hands over “Al-Wefaq” a list of demands to dismantle the militias
Imperialist Punjabi establishment distorted Pak history: MQM chief
Saudi artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah suddenly closes his account on Twitter and provokes an interaction
200 Yemen mercenaries arrive in Libya to fight on behalf of Turkey
Preliminary results show clear victory for HDZ in Croatian general election
Trump issues executive order to rebuild non-Confederate toppled statues for new ‘National Garden of American Heroes’

Brexit, the NHS and the Irish Border

Al Majalla 18.10.2019. 18:11

Brexit, the NHS and the Irish Border

BREXIT AND THE BRITISH HEALTH SECTOR After a storm of recent developments in the Brexit arena, a no-deal scenario continues to be a potential outcome of the Brexit debate. While Johnson and the EU have come to an agreement, there is still the possibility that British parliament will reject it, effe»»»
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