Temptation stripped completely on screen .. and returned to acting after an absence of 28 years
Singing snails bring attention to plight of Turkish political prisoner
MP Dghaim: Army’s approval to export a shipment of crude oil from the oil tanks at Sidra port is a goodwill message
British student who joined Daesh killed in SDF prison
Iran says misaligned radar led to Ukrainian jet downingRelated NewsComments.
Mideast Stocks: Most Gulf bourses end higher as DAMAC lifts Dubai
China’s Arctic activity puts pressure on US
Lebanon needs a plan for when system collapses
Washington's rogue preaching intends to spark another Red Scare: China Daily editorial
DUI’s Ahmeti: First Albanian PM in North Macedonia to be elected in Parliament
Albania’s OSCE Chairmanship opens procedure for selecting OSCE Secretary General and Heads of Institutions
Patricia De Lille hits back at reshuffle claims
Egypt-Russia Cultural Year to continue in 2021after Covid-19 abates: Russian ambassador
A warning about the death of thousands of Syrians after the Security Council resolution on aid
Ghannouchi’s future is at stake .. A strong parliamentary move to isolate him
Hagia Sophia: Has Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened fire on himself by turning the museum into a mosque?
UN given access to decaying Yemeni oil tanker at risk of exploding
Revealed: Dominic Cummings firm paid Vote Leave's AI firm £260,000
'A hell of a lot of hurt': writers confront South Africa's apartheid past
Anne Applebaum: how my old friends paved the way for Trump and Brexit
China provides good news about Corona
Touchless: How the world's busiest airport envisions post-COVID travel
Boohoo warehouse a ‘breeding ground for coronavirus’ workers say after 25 caught bug at work
Dubai stimulus reinforces commitment to private sector
GCC, MEPs underline need to overcome obstacles facing GCC-EU FTZ deal
Four Saudis held after making social media posts under the influence of drugs
Covid-19 cases on sharp rise worldwide since start of July: AFP tally
Want to Join the Delta Force? Your Chances Are Almost Zero.
LNA’s statement on continued shutdown of oil
ERC’s sacrificial meat campaign to benefit over 600,000 people
UN to continue aid deliveries to Syria via 1 gate, human rights groups worry it is not enough
National Libyan Army sets conditions for lifting oil blockade
A documentary film “dmc” reveals new facts about the extremism of Sayyid Qutb Video
Resumed Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue Aims at Comprehensive, Final, Legally Binding Deal
Al-Sisi: “Egypt stood by your side and plunged you, no?”
Is AIPAC losing its grip on Democrats?
Turkish FM says Libya’s GNA will only agree to ceasefire after taking Sirte, Jufra
Sahrawi refugees: EU denies alleged "diversion" of humanitarian aid
Haftar's forces vow to maintain blockade on Libya’s vital oil production
Iran blames bad communication, alignment for jet shootdown
Regardless of who the Opposition elects as leader, the Labour Party will win – Robert Abela
Remarks by the EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajčák after the resumption of the Belgrade - Pristina Dialogue
QNB posts H1 net profit of $1.8bln
Al-Sisi: “We will not license any new Arabs except for gas” (details)
Until Covid-19 uncertainty melts away there's little chance of full economic recovery
Palestinian Communities, Horse of Gold polished by Patriotism
Morocco, France Co-Chair UN Virtual Meeting on Climate Change
Campaign ends Sunday at midnight ahead of July 15 elections
Somali president condoles death of ex-Puntland leadership
Forthcoming parliamentary elections are proof that Syria is a democratic country, says Russian expert
Andrikiene: SEAM to North Macedonia in same format as missions to Serbia, Croatia and Poland
Election campaign in line with health protocols – responsibility lies with parties and voters
EU’s top diplomat urges ‘political courage’ in Kosovo-Serbia talks
As U.S. Moves To Exit Afghanistan, Rivals Prepare To Swoop In
China releases professor who criticised President Xi, friends say
Dubai: where it's good to be a drone
There are many more names on the Hashd assassins’ blacklist
Senior Iranian military officer killed in Syria
DP: Moody Revealed Rotten Government of Albania
Përlotet kreu i OBSH: Miqtë e mi, mos e bëni këtë gabim
Egypt's Sisi calls for outlining comprehensive vision for developing mining industry
Face masks in shops will not be mandatory in England, Gove suggests
Belgrade – Pristina Dialogue: Remarks by High Representative Josep Borrell ahead of the resumption of talks
Volatility to continue in markets as pandemic fears worsen
Oil prices hold steady amid worry of a second pandemic wave

UK's antibody testing fiasco exposed: PHE test misses a third of cases

Daily Mail 06.06. 19:13

UK's antibody testing fiasco exposed: PHE test misses a third of cases

Antibody tests being used by Public Health England could be missing a third of positive results, a study has shown as Britain's coronavirus testing fiasco deepens. A company given £1million of Government funding in March has produced a test that doesn't yet meet 'challenging' official standards. An»»»
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