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Hindu temple affirms UAE's tolerant ethos
The Israeli Elections: Reading the Significance and Repercussions 
Kim Jong-Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet for the first time this month
المبعوث الأممي ينفي أنباء تعرضه لمحاولة اغتيال بليبيا
صباغ: الشعب السوري لا يفرط بذرة تراب من أرضه
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Protests In Sudan Continue. Now, Opposition Demands Military To Surrender Power
وزير الدفاع التركي يتوعد مقاتلي حزب العمال الكردستاني برد قاس
(VIDEO) Internationally-sanctioned militant threatens LNA in Tripoli
Suicide bombers in deadly attack on Afghan ministry
"What Were They Thinking?"
Turkey Arrests 2 Spies for UAE in Investigation of Khashoggi Murder
Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Chemical Warehouse Explodes Killing Six People. 'Opposition' Claims It Contained “Baby Milk”

'Living here is expensive. Dying here is extremely cheap': Kashmiri voters speak out

CNN 13.04. 07:54

'Living here is expensive. Dying here is extremely cheap': Kashmiri voters speak out

Uri, Indian-controlled Kashmir (CNN)Kashmir resident Gulam Rasul has seen it all: Two wars between India and Pakistan which were sparked by the disputed region as well as dozens of other armed conflicts. Over the years, he's given up dreaming for peace. "If you can't give us peace, give us the bunk»»»
Samaa TV 08.03. 15:15

EXCLUSIVE: Azad Kashmir’s border village where people are ready to fight for peace

Bokut is half empty and silent. Many people left their homes and moved in with family in safer locations elsewhere after Pakistani and Indian forces began an exchange of fire on February 27. Military trucks patrol the road. Merely a stone’s throw away is Uri, that town in India-Administered Kashmir»»»
The Times 02.03. 13:15

Six civilians killed as India and Pakistan resume shelling in Kashmir

Indian and Pakistani forces have killed at least six civilians and two Pakistan soldiers in fighting at their border in Kashmir, officials said today. Fighting resumed overnight, after hopes that tensions would be eased by the release of an Indian pilot shot down and captured by Pakistan. A mother »»»

The Sun 13.02. 12:45

Eerie ‘ghost apples’ made of ice hang from trees as bone-chilling polar vortex continues in US Midwest

A horticulturalist in Michigan has dubbed the spooky fruit 'Jonaghosts' EERIE “ghost apples” have been found dangling from trees as the US Midwest continues to shiver in the bone-chilling polar vortex. But, although stunning to look at, the “fruit” has no peel – or even a core. The weird phenomenon»»»
Gulf News 13.02. 12:36

Battersea powers London’s revival

From its perch on a chimney about 120 metres above the River Thames, a Peregrine falcon casts its hawk-eyed gaze on the vast expanse of Battersea Power Station below. There are more than 2,000 workers on the site, cranes moving, welders sparking, fitters joining — but the Peregrine is looking for i»»»
Pv-magazine 19.12.2018. 11:38

Shell acquires 49% stake in Singapore’s Cleantech Solar

Marking yet another PV investment, Shell has reportedly acquired a 49% stake in Singapore-based Cleantech Solar. There is an option to increase this after 2021. Underlining its latest strategic vision, released this March, and which envisages a central role for solar, Shell has made another clean e»»»
The Guardian 09.11.2018. 00:27

The changing face of Japan: labour shortage opens doors to immigrant workers

One by one, Mohammad and Munadi thread scallop shells on to thin metal rods, breaking the monotony with quiet chatter in their native Javanese. The shells will soon be used to cultivate oysters, a speciality in this region of western Japan. Neither of the men, crouching on the floor of a shed overl»»»
MaltaToday 23.08.2018. 14:20

BirdLife concerned about massive firework to be let off at sea near Filfla

BirdLife Malta has raised concerns about plans for a massive firework to be let off from a location in the sea between Filfla and iz-Zurrieq. The firework, known as the ‘shell of shells’, was originally meant to be let off during the Valletta Pageant of the Seas festival in the Grand Harbour back i»»»

KazInform 20.08.2018. 17:49

Old constructions discovered in Iran's Alamout Fortress

TEHRAN. KAZINFORM Hamideh Chubak, Head of the 14th archeological exploration team, was quoted by of the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) as saying on Sunday that restoration of the ramparts of the lower castle, identification of the ruling l»»»
Reuters India 20.08.2018. 14:27

Shell recovers most oil from Nigerian spills, pipeline still shut

LONDON (Reuters) - Royal Dutch Shell’s Nigerian subsidiary has recovered more than 95 percent of the oil from two spills that took place this year, although the pipeline that carries crude to the coast for export remains closed, the company said on Monday. A Nigerian schoolboy walks past the logo o»»»
Reuters India 09.07.2018. 07:27

Japan races to find survivors of floods that killed nearly 100

MIHARA, Japan (Reuters) - Rescuers in Japan dug through mud and rubble on Monday, racing to find survivors after torrential rains unleashed widespread floods and landslides that killed nearly 100, with dozens missing. A local resident walks in front of submerged and destroyed houses in a flooded ar»»»
Reuters 09.07.2018. 04:30

Japan races to find survivors of floods that killed nearly 100

MIHARA, Japan (Reuters) - Rescuers in Japan dug through mud and rubble on Monday, racing to find survivors after torrential rains unleashed widespread floods and landslides that killed nearly 100, with dozens missing. Submerged houses are seen in a flooded area in Mabi town in Kurashiki, Okayama Pr»»»
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